Media selection

So I now have folders that are larger than 30GB to write. At this size using DVDs would be impractical.

What’s the recommended brand/media these days for archival? Since I’m new to Blu Rays are 50GB disks a good idea for people who don’t want to split anything larger than what a single layer disk can hold?

Thank you.

There´s no other choice with these amount of data andoptical media, I guess :wink:

If the files can be splitted are 25GB-media is the best choice. It cost much less and the selection is bigger

So which brand and type would you choose?


Or M-Disc Verbatims if price permits.

If you get Panasonic for a reasonable price, get it

Unfortunately Panasonic media is prohibitively expensive in Canada.

Are M-Discs reliable or just a marketing gimmick?

In any case I’m going to be writing with the Pioneer XD05 if that matters.

Edit: And are the BD-DL and BDXL formats bad for file integrity?

I’m in Canada and I only use Panasonic BD-R DL 50GB discs for long term storage (I need the space, 25GB is too small for video files). They are not anymore expensive then anywhere else in the world. The key is where you are shopping for them. There are only two places I now purchase my Blu-ray media from: here:
use JP-Gate and if you need them in a hurry get express shipping.
• or like this one (currently the most affordable for the 50-disc stack):
Again use express shipping if you need them soon.

eBay seems to be a little more affordable right now. It used to be the other way around. If you need fewer discs then just search eBay using the key words “Panasonic BD-DL” and you will find lots of options for purchasing smaller amounts, but they cost more per disc, as a rule.

If you care about your data at all, you won’t use anything less then Panasonic or M-Disc. I have had zero issues with data Integrity so far (burning them since 2011). If you keep your high quality discs in a decent environment, they will take care of your data.

If you have the money and need the space more then money then M-Disc BDXL is the way to go. Seems to be the best triple layer there is.

Note that Verbatim BD-R DL yellow+white spindles are manufactured by Panasonic in Japan. Might be the more affordable option.

Thanks for the reminder sengork. I have two spindles of these and they are the same quality and made by Panasonic. Only one bad burn, which verifying catches, out of the whole 50 pack.

Those can be found at the most affordable price in CAN at here:
Again from JP-Gate.

My needs are actually different from some of yours. I need like 10 in total.

Are these any good?

MABL Verbatims are fine.

I buy my CD’s from “Sweetwater”. Great prices and they cater to professionals.Great prices and free shipping.

I got a pack of these,

Are they HTL media? They don’t have the MABL logo on them.

Edit: On the back of the package Verbatim says not to use sleeves as storage. I’ve been doing that with my current DVDs, why are sleeves bad? I checked over them and there have been no scratches.

Which kind of sleeves?

I had some paper-sleeves with plastic foil and after many years the plastic foil adhered on the media.

I´m not sure about this media but in the past all LTH-media from Verbatim had the “LTH Type”-print on the packaging. If you take a look at Verbatims page you only see SL-media with LTH

They’re caselogic prosleeves. I used them because they took up less space than jewel cases.

Now that I’ve looked into the item model thing, none of Verbatim’s dual layer discs have the MABL label on them. Does anyone on this forum know why that is?

What MID do they have? If it’s Panasonic (MKM) then they use different (arguably better) technology to Verbatim’s MABL.

It says Verbatimf

I’ve burned all of them and the drive often stops and restarts while the buffer fluctuates. No errors were reported by imgburn but nero says the drive doesn’t support scanning (are there any that does?)

I’ve attached one of the burn reports, can anyone take a look at it?

The screenie shows only writespeed, rpm and CPU-load, not disc quality. I don´t see problems there, if the buffer really runs out you have speed drops

Pioneer can´t do a quality scan, you will need another drive. Slimtype-drive with scan-support are rare, I only snow Samsung SE-506xx

The drive stops writing for short times to read what is has written and to calibrate the laser for optimal writing quality.
My Pioneer does the same.
If it detects a problem, it may reduce the speed during writing.

Yep. mine do the same. Some other drives do the same, but not so noticeable like the Pioneers do