Media selection for Samsung H552B DVD Writer

Really struggling to get a media that works with this thing. I have burnt lots of coffee mats and I am spending too much on discs that don’t work. I have followed previous posts and updated my firmware and I am running Nero 6,etc, etc - so it has to be down to the media. I usually use the drive for movies and just want an inexpensive media that will work. Am I asking for the holy grail - can anybody help? :confused:

There is no such thing as good inexpensive media. If you can’t afford 40 cents per DVD, then take up another hobby. Best Buy has 50 pack of 8X DVD+R media from Fuji for $20. Look for Made in Japan on the box.

Thanks for the response. I agree 40c is no problem but when you buy 50 of them and the first 10 turn out to be beer mats, you still have 40 useless discs left. So I have been buying in 5s & 10s which is expensive, to experiment. The reason for the post was to find out if anybody had found a media that worked everytime, do you have any names to suggest?

I am a TOTAL newbie to burning DVD’s etc. I received the Samsung 552B as a gift (knowing absolutely nothing about it). I also went through a couple of 1o packs that were useless and then got lucky (thus far). I have burned 7 movies and 5 basic “data” discs using the Memorex DVD + R (4.7GB, 120 Minute Video, 4x). I’m not sure what “type” it is (in terms of model number or whatever) but it is the one with the purple color on the box (I know how first grade-ish that sounds). Anyway, I bought I think a 5 pack and they all worked fine then I went to Frye’s Electronics and picked up a 100 pack for $35.00. They’ve all worked fine. The only problem I’ve really had is that 2 or 3 times I’ve had to restart my computer in order for the drive to recognize the disc (otherwise it just keeps blinking at me).

I JUST found this website so I haven’t tried any of the fixes/upgrades/etc. The only upgrade I’ve done is the firmware upgrade from the Samsung website. I was using 06 for awhile then today I upgraded to 08.

Now, one word of warning. I thought (I know, stupid of me :confused: ) that being that it recognized the Memorex DVD+R that it would also work with the Memorex CD-R. No go. I tried a 50 pack of those and after 5 failures I returned them (surprisingly, Frye’s took them back). I have burned about 5 or 6 CD’s using Sony CD-R, but then I bought a 50 pack of those and now am having trouble getting the drive to see them (keeps blinking at me).

I’m hoping that I can find some information here that will allow a newbie like myself to upgrade something so that I can also burn CD’s with this drive. I have no problem spending the money on quality discs if they’ll work.

Anyway, back to your question, try picking up a 5 or 10 pack of the Memorex and see if they work for you. No the highest quality disc from what I’ve been reading but they are working fine for me.

Hope that helps.


Many thanks for the reply. I appreciate a good, common-sense approach. I will give the discs a go and report back. Cheers. :slight_smile:

I have a TS-H552B as OEM on my HP. Haven’t had any problems with generic DVD+R 4X, and DVD-R Memorex. I have TS-05 firmware and have discovered more problems with DVD-R blank media than with DVD+R blank media.
The TS-H552B forum suggest that the new TS-08 firmware will make the DVD drive more friendly to the DVD-R media and less friendly to the DVD+R media.
Based on posts in other forums it appears that media quality has a great impact on success rate. Based on that I am going to attempt to use the best media TY from Japan, and evaluate the results.
Right now has a special on TY 4X DVD media, including free shipping. At this point I’m willing to deal with a slow burn and only having to do it once, rather than having a faster media with questionable burn quality.

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