Media Scans Of Lite-On 1693s vs. NEC nd3500ag




Just got my new “real” Lite-on 1693s and have just concluded testing Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell medias and thought that I would share heads up comparisons using the Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.80 “Create Data Disc” and KProbe v.2.4.3-

The first comparison will be Taiyo Yuden 8x -R T02 media with the LiteOn on top and the NEC below-

Looks like the LiteOn gave better - slower burn-



Next comparison is Taiyo Yuden 8x +R TYG02 media - again LiteOn on top and NEC below

Looks like a draw to me - you decide-


please attach smaller images, in nero cd-dvd speed klick on the disk button to save the image as .png. and why are the kprobe scans sooo big??

you should also scan @4x, that’s the forum standard.



Next is Verbatim 8x -R MCC02RG20

Again LiteOn top - NEC below

Pretty clear here that the NEC is faster and has better burn-



Next is the Verbatim 8x +R MCC003

LiteOn on top and NEC below-

NEC got the better burn-



Next is the Verbatim 16x -R MCC03RG20

Top is LiteOn and NEC below-

NEC has fastest and best burn-



Next is Maxell 8x -R MXLRG03-

LiteOn on top and NEC below-

LiteOn slower but better burn (tho not great)-



The last scan is Ritek 8x -R G05-

Top is LiteOn and NEC below

Again the NEC is slower but the burn is much better-



  1. pls att smaller images
  2. att images in 1 post … not 5 in role …


Yo chok0-

If you took the time to right click an image - you would have seen that they all are .png-

My version of KProbe (v.2.4.3) does not allow speed setting like the previous versions do - otherwise I would have set it at 4x - 'cause I do know what the standards in here are - duh?



Hey Mikey… I found ya. Take a good look at your Nero scans. A fair amount of them are mixed types of tests which is bound to have a bearing on why some are faster than others. What I mean is you have combinations of CAV, Z-CLV, and P-CAV tests. Also keep in mind the KProbe stds. Less than 280 for PIE and less than 4 for PIF will constitute a good scan. Why don’t you do some Nero Quality tests between the two and see what that turns out like.



Hey besmirch… I don’t see why your #2 statement makes any difference. When one does the work of posting 7 different medias, it’s definatly easier for the reader to keep track of the types in seperate posts rather than all together IMO!!!

@choko… I’m not sure whats up with Mikes puter but his images are definatly png files. :confused: :confused: :confused:


My Kprobe 2.4.3 allows me to change scans speeds tp 4x.


hmm, my 2.4.3 allows it.


Hey pchilson… So does mine. We’re trying to figure out what’s up with his sys. I e-mailed Mike the link for it yesterday that I used to up-grade my 2.4.2. He claims to of used it but does not have that option on his download. I think he has Gremlins.



Not until I installed Kprobe version 2.4.0 did the speed selection box appear - and interestingly enough - the “status” box is crammed right under the speed and none of the information below the “status” box is shown- and my driver shows as “apti” - wonder why they are so different - yet come from the same place - eh?

Thanks for the responses-



Hey Magoo… Something just dawned on me. I haven’t messed around with my Litry for a while but I just remembered that for mine to burn good I had to have 4.6 ASPI layer installed. I wonder if that could have anything to do with it. Like I told you in the e-mail. This is another good question for COdeKing.


Yo Sir-

Have been in contact with the named Codeking - and await their answer-



Hey… Somebody call this dude an ambulance. I do believe my co-hart Satch is cracking up!!!:eek: :eek: :eek: Bring out the White Coats.:cop: But ask him about the ASPI layer 4.6. He’s the one who turned me on to it. In fact I just found it for you. This is what he gave me. 1/ Download this file:
2/ Unzip it onto you Hard drive in a folder call ForceASPI
3/ Open the folder ForceASPI
5/ Reboot
6/ Open the folder ForceASPI
8/ Reboot


Thanks for your email.

The loss of the speed setting in KProbe is usually due to your DPI setting not being set to normal size (96 DPI). You will find this under Display Properties/Settings/Advanced. This will also reduce the size of your saved scans.

Because of the replies by other members in this thread, I will not delete the thread, as you requested, but I will close it to allow you to start another thread with the new scans at 4x instead of max.