Media scam

Just read this on a website:

"Ridisc Xtreme - this media is surplus ‘B’ & ‘C’ grade stock bought from Ritek and is about to be introduced to the UK as ‘AAA’ grade discs…it aint. Even the company ‘Ridisc’ is bogus. Visit the website Try and find a phone number or address of the company…you won’t. The information on the site is totally fictitious, there is even a ‘staged’ interview with the MD…LOL. This is another scam to rip people off. As soon as this low grade media has been sold off this ‘company’ will dissappear and another will reappear in its place.

Can anyone shed any light?

As far as I can see, you have joined this forum to badmouth “Ridisc”
Sorry “freekebab” aka “tubbylad”, your bogus posts are far too easy to spot these days.

If you have a vendetta against poeple cos they won’t sponser your own forum maybe you should take it up elsewhere instead of joining here to cause trouble.

I’m gonna wait till the disk appears in the next week or two, before forming an opinion of this media. Lots of people are looking forward to trying it.

I asked Conrexx about it, there is some marketing bullshit about it but they (new ridisc) could be A grade.

Well Ridisc is another E-net brand just like the (imo) crap brands Bulkpaq, Datawrite and probably the latest Tuffdisc and they are marketing all their discs with lot of BS (through sites such as,, that all seems to be connected to E-net). Take for example the announcement of the so called Titanium discs:
So yeah I would take the “grade AAA super plus” with a big grain of salt and since it’s Ritek discs it doesn’t mean much even if it’s true…

I Beg Your Pardon…if i have anything to say about anything i will use my own username Thankyou, i dont hide behind alias’s.

sorry tubblylad, for thinking it was you, but you can see how the freekebab looks like one of your nicks. Aren’t you glad we are having a sensible discussion for a change.

apology accepted and yep it is refreshing :wink:

Well actually you can find a adress related to the site. Checking up the domain brings you back to E-NET and there adress. Like the above info allready suggests.

E-Net Computers Ltd +44.08700508800
Same as Domain
165 Dalry Road
Edinburgh,Scotland,UK EH11 2EA

Well I used 100’s of RiDisc 4x no problems.

Although I don’t fancy using the 8x ones or these new ones :wink:

Well I use both the GO4 and 5 riteks and have had no problems. 150 4s and 25 5s gone through so far and the only coaster was my own fault. Though I have always burnt things at half the max speed, call me over cautious, but then a half hour burn is not exactly the end of the world.

Thats one thing that always amazes me, why when people have a 1x/2x/4x/8x/16x writer and the correct rated media do they burn slower to the disc?

if the writer or the media aint upto the job send it back as faulty…so long as your setup meets the min spec and software/firmware are upto date.

it defeats the object of progress surely?

Gotta agree with Tubbylad
Also I find burning at less that the rated disk speed nearly always produces inferior results.
For best burns choose a speed ON or BETWEEN media rated speed, and burner design speed.

So a question to Tubbylad & sarahjh69:

How manny stuff do you return ?

Oh yeah and what should I return in the followeing case ?

I have brand x disc recorder y and player z.
I burn disc at rated speed but recorder. On recorder it plays fine but on player Z it is problematic.
The disc is just out of standard let’s say it has a 14% jitter and has ok k-probe scores not very good but still ok. (Lite On can work well with high jitter) and beta is just in line with the standards.

Who do I blame and what should I bring back ?
A Recorder Y -For a no good strategy or not stepping in to safe the disc so player Z could read it.
B Disc X - For being bad or not being supported.
C player Z - Because it is such a poor reader that it needs disc’s very close to the standard.

You see it is not that easy.
And today it seems to be impossible for drive manufacturers to produce consistant drives and have good support on most new 16x media out of the box.
For the disc manufacturers it seems to be impossible to make stuff that is consistant and off good quality.

I agree that if something is fucked up you should return it or even contact the actuall manufacturer about it. However these days it’s sometimes very hard to point out who and what is wrong.
So if it means that I get no problems with any stuff in my example by chooseing 12x instead of 16x then I will be glad to choose 12x and to be safe befor going to a lot of fuzz to find out what part is problematic and I think that the mayority of people thinks that way. If one minute extra time solves the problems then ok. What’s one minute on a human life anyway ?

i return everything that wont do what its supposed too, which aint much as i dont buy crap :wink:

Contact this address

Running at half speed is a caution to prevent misburns, I run a lot of things on my PC at the same time and my Athlon XP200+ processor is getting abit over the hill.

Amazingly, believe it or not, it doesn’t bother me how long it takes to burn a disk I have other things to do while waiting like watering the plants, feeding the cats and snakes etc. Having something done in a few minutes is not a priority, I replaced a 4x CD burner with my 8x DVD burner.

I have found through experience of backing up friend PS2 games for them that burning at half speed makes for less mis-burns.

What you and I have found sarah are obviously different. I have found no difference in quality between a full speed burn and a half speed burn.

When I buy a new writer I test it with a selection of popular media available in the UK.
(at the moment that is ProdiscS03, CMC MAG AE1, FUJIFILM03 and MCC 003)
and burn movies to play in a picky PS2, fussy philips dvdr75 and a play anything DK915
At xmas I purchased a new
Philips 1640, couldn’t burn FUJIFILM03 AT ALL, returned to shop
BenQ 1620, couldn’t burn ProdiscS03, still sitting in its box
NEC3500a, burned em all perfectly
NEC3500a, burned em all perfectly

I expect a straight line from 5x - 16x on the nero speed test
I expect a PI error of less than 200, and PI fail of under 10 (scanned in a liteon 811s) Burning at 4x produces poor results on all these 16x writers

NEC3500a meets all the criteria (both of em) + the 4x ProDisc burn at 8x, the 8x CMC MAG AE1 and Verb MCC 003 8x burn at 12x
BenQ can only manage working 8x burns with CMC MAG AE1 and MCC 003 (so its binned)

As far as I am concerned disks that work in the NEC3500a are good, those that don’t won’t be used again

Anything I pay for that doesn’t work properly, gets returned.
If 2 out of 25 disks in a tub fail, fair enough.
If 3 out of 10 disks in a box fail, back they go.

My bet is you are using an 8x burner

burnt at 8x on NEC3500 Quickee Benchmark Extreme v3 firmware
Ridisc G05 8x dvd-r

Speed Scan

Quality Scan

If this is a scam, give me more, best Quality Scan I have ever done. Looks like A grade media to me!


Great scans for good media-

I have been using G05 as a “Workhorse” for my movie backups for over 150 burns - not a coaster yet-

Life is good-


Also read this:

And Google a bit for E-net brands and you’ll see that jsl has a point.