Media Recovery Software



Hi Guys,

I just got some advise for a new burner in the newbie forum,now i find myself in the position of fixing the mess that the old one created :frowning:

Basically some of my media aren’t working, mostly are DVD-VIDEO, i bought isobuster (i read it was pretty good) but apparently there is nothing it can do either… some of the files seem to be basically lost. (apparently the sectos seem to be unreadable)

Is there a miracolous software out there to fix this?



The best option is to rip again from original discs. Yes, it is a boring work, mostly if the content must be compressed again with clonedvd or similar softwares, but is the only reliable solution :frowning:

Alternatively, try to use isobuster with many different drives (some drives are able to read better than others). You can ask your friends to use their drives temporarily to rip your discs :slight_smile:


Ciao Geno,

Thanks for the info, it’s annoying but if that’s the only solution, i’m gonna have to accept it i think…

It’s weird, i always thought there would have been a software to fix unreadable sectors and stuff like that to recover data, like for hard disks…



Too bad there are limits to data-recovering softwares. If data are too much damaged, there is no way to recover them.

A good solution could be to insert some parity data in the discs you burn with a software like DVDisaster, that can help to recover disc contents if something goes wrong :slight_smile: