Media recommendations - LG GCE-8320b, can anyone give me some?

Can someone recommend me some media for my newly-acquired LG GCE-8320b?
I’ve tested:

SKC Diamond 16x - Burns @24x, C2 at the end
TDK 16x by Ritek - Burns @24x, C2 all around
Trono by Gigastorage - Burns @32x, OK
Dr. Hank by Digital Storage Technology - Burns @ 32x, OK

Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance.

The TDK 24x should work. They are made by Taiyo Yuden.

Digital Storage Technologies is crap. The last LiteOn 24x that I burnt one with @24x, made 160000 c2-errors.

Prodisc, mpo, kodak, mitsui toatsu, ritek(only phthalocyanine), acer, richo, taiyo yuden(must be certified for the speed you are writing at) are all good.

are ritek cyanine’s no good? i think my 99min unbraded ritek’s may be cyanine, i’ll check later

i know it doesnt have quite as long a life expectancy, but thats about the only diff right?

doesnt cyanine have slightly better compatibility?

i’ll take better compatibility that lasts 100 years over it not working on a device or two and lasting 200 years

curious about above question
they are in fact cyanine

does ritek make good phthalycyanine and crappy cyanine discs?

Never had a problem with Ritek Cyanine, but cyanine media generally is bad for high-speed burning.