Media recommendation

hello all,

i’m about to buy some media and i have quite a few options. could you recommend which of the following are the best quality media on your experience?

  1. Ritek “1TEK” DVD+R 4.7GB (8x speed) Media code/ManufacturerID RITEK R03
  2. Fortis DVD+R 4.7GB (8x speed) Media code/ManufacturerID SONY D11
  3. TDK DVD+R 4.7GB (8x speed) Metal Azo-Dye
  4. Fortis DVD-R 4.7GB (8x speed) Media code/ManufacturerID TYG02 (not Tayo Yuden)
  5. Bulkpaq Fuji Dye DVD-R 4.7GB (8x speed) Media code/ManufacturerID Prodisc F01
  6. Budget DVD-R 4.7GB (8x speed) B-Grade Media code/ManufacturerID TY G02 (not Tayo Yuden)

i’m not concerned in the price just the quality. any inputs more welcomed.


And second; the second in your list MID: SONY D11.


any Fuji dye product is very compatible.

thanks for your replies.

have you tried them with nec 2510a? any good results?

The first two on your list, Ritek R03 and SONYD11 are both good on a 2510a. They will both burn fine at 8x, but for the best quality burn use 6x for both.

I haven’t used much -R on my 2510 because I use almost exclusively +R with the booktype set to DVD-ROM.

I use Mad Dog firmware to achieve the booktype setting capability (2F7).
If you want to know more about this you can check over on the NEC hardware sub-forum…

thanks for your input, i use +r atm as well (mcc 003) which i’m quite happy with the results but i’d like to try something new. i’m using maddog’s 2f8 rpc1 and set the booktype at dvd-rom.