Media Recognition

I recently purchased some DVDs from Best Buy. I got 2- 50 pks. of SONY DVD+R for general use and I got a 20 pkg. of the VERBATIM DVD+R DL to try to burn some of the large movie backups. Both of these media work fine in my burner (SONY DRU-720A w/ latest firmware update). A couple of days later, I went back and got another 50 pkg. of the VERBATIMS DVD+R discs that went on sale and for some strange reason my burner will not recognize the discs. Another interesting thing is that my wife’s laptop will recognize them.

Can anyone offer an explanation why this might happen? I can still use the discs, I just have to use my wife’s laptop for the VERBATIM DVD+Rs.

Thank you, in advance, for any information.


That does indeed sound strange - assuming they’re AZO Verbatims, they should be one of the most supported types on the market.

When you insert them into the machine where they do work, what media ID do they indicate? 16X Verbatim AZO media has the code MCC004, but they occasionally sell other media. Unfortunately, I only know how to check this code under Linux (dvd+rw-mediainfo) but if you can’t find it, I’m sure someone else will tell you.

Does it say AZO on the packaging? What country does it say they’re made in?

If you look at the center of the disk, you should find one or two alphanumerical codes. Could you list those?