Media Rating System: Update

I have posted this before, but I wanted to add the additional media and drives. To those who don’t know, the numbers I use to determine the break point between the grades are roughly the points where I would see significant quality differences. They are not carved in stone. The point of the ranking is to determine which media are better for individual drives and which drives are better for individual media.

The numbers across the bottom are rip speeds for CDs.

Sorry for the missing lines and the distortion. I alway get this when I upload.

Hey, thanks a lot [B]Chas0039 [/B]:cool:

Nice list. Thanks!

Thanks Chas0039. Appreciate the time and effort. I have one question and one observation. Do you intend to test with TYG03 anytime soon? I observed your rating of TYG02 on the 165P6S and feel somewhat better. I was puzzled by my 165H6S results with that media but you have confirmed what I thought I had determined. I somehow had hoped for better results. At least the leadin issue seems to be resolved!

I prefer +R much more these days, and as yet, I have not tried any TYG03. If I do get some when the price drops, I will post an update. Maybe I’ll be lucky and get some of that “value line” TYG03 I keep hearing about.

In any case, I need to redo this table with the media across the top. It’s getting waaaay to wide.

Here is a better version. For some reason, might not be viewabnle with firefox so you might have to fire up IE.

Is it just me, or is there no explanation of what the “+++” thru “XXX” column means? :confused:

What criteria are these “+++” thru “XXX” grades based on?
I’m guessing that XXX means something else than: Very naughty movie?! :bigsmile:

I also think it’s extremely relevant to know which scanning drive you’re using for your PIE/PIF limits!

I had assumed the letters related to PIF and the + or - to PIE. Not sure about the XXX.

The table at the bottom shows the symbols for other than letter and +/- use. XXX is “[I]Don’t Use[/I]”

The letters relate to the PIF levels. The +/- pertains to the PIE levels; PIF being more important than PIE. The ! symbols are used to point out [B]peaks[/B] rather than total levels.

All letter and +/- usage is for [B]totals[/B].

The discs were scanned in a Liteon 1693 at 4X.

Have you tried some of the “8x” media at 6x ? The “16x” media seems to be burnt at 12x…

I had some trouble with Ritek R03 and Verbatim MCC 003 at 8X. I got the Ritek to improve at 4X and the MCC to do better on the Liteon at 6X. There aren’t enough burners and medias that support 6X and most 8X does just fine at 8X so I usually kept it that way.