Media Range 50 GB BD-R DL crap?

Is there anyone who has successfully burned and read the full 50 GB BD-R DL by Media Range?

I bought a pack of 10 discs back in summer of 2016 and the burning process is always good but every single disc fails to read apparently in the layers breaks (at 50% the otherwise fluent read process gets frozen). Ironically I also use their single layer 25 GB BR-Rs and these are absolutely fine. It seems like a layers break issue.

The only way to have a fully readable compilation it to turn on Nero’s blu-ray defects management under drive options but it makes very little sence since you lose space and we are talking about brand new media.

I have two different blu ray burners: ASUS BW-16D1HT firmware 3.0 and Pioneer BDR-209EBK firmware 1.31. I have tried both burning and reading in these two drives, burning speed 2x, the result are absolutely the same. Burning process fine, reading process halts at 50%.

I have tried Nero Burning Rom 2017 and Burn Aware Free - no difference.

I also have Verbatim 100 GB BD-R XL and these discs burn and read absolutely fine. And these are triple layers if you think about it!

So my conclusion is: There is something wrong with multilayer blu-ray discs by Media Range. They either fail to manufacture them properly or use incompatible materials. And I am pretty much determined to use only Verbatim MABL multilayers in the future since their BDXLs prove to be fully functional as one would expect from a sealed product.

Mediarange is not a media-manufacturer, they buy media from different manufacturers and let print Mediarange on it.

Can you use DVD-Identifier to check which mediacode the media have?

MediaRange has been very responsive to my inquires, but I have not tried their products as most are made in India.

I think they do it like many other labeler and buy the stuff they get cheap :wink:

The mediacodes can vary, Nierle is to lazy to update it (I´m sure if you buy Intenso there which are wear Infodisc-Mid in shop you will get Intenso with Ume/AML-mid), but if they write mid-code yyy you can be sure the brand really use/used those mid.

Only bought 25GB BD-R from Mediarange, 4x was MBI and 6x CMCBA5. I paid less for 25pcs as for cheap made MBI DVD+R DL from Platinum.

• Here it is - Media Range 50 GB DL 6x non printable. What? This can’t be the same Verbatim quality as my BDXLs:

Unique Disc Identifier : [BD-R-DL:VERBAT-IMf-000]

Disc Type : [BD-R DL : Class 0 - Version 1]
Manufacturer Name : [Mitsubishi Kagaku Media]
Manufacturer ID : [VERBAT]
Media Type ID : [IMf]
Product Revision : [000]
Stamper Date : [Not Present On Disc]
Layer Info : [2 Layers (L0-L1) : 25.03 GB (23.31 GiB) Per Layer]
Blank Disc Capacity : [24,438,784 Sectors = 50.05 GB (46.61 GiB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2x , 4x , 6x]

[ DVD Identifier V5.2.0 - ]

• And here is a single layer 25 GB Media Range (4x, non printable) which work fine (dozens of burns no issue):

Unique Disc Identifier : [BD-R-SL:PHILIP-R04-000]

Disc Type : [BD-R SL : Class 0 - Version 1]
Manufacturer Name : [Philips]
Manufacturer ID : [PHILIP]
Media Type ID : [R04]
Product Revision : [000]
Stamper Date : [Not Present On Disc]
Layer Info : [1 Layer (L0) : 25.03 GB (23.31 GiB) Per Layer]
Blank Disc Capacity : [12,219,392 Sectors = 25.03 GB (23.31 GiB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2x , 4x]

[ DVD Identifier V5.2.0 - ]

• And finally - Verbatim BDXL printable - they work really well unlike Media Range DLs:

Unique Disc Identifier : [BD-R-3L:VERBAT-IMk-000]

Disc Type : [BD-R 3L : Class 1 - Version 2]
Manufacturer Name : [Manufacturer Not Found In Database]
Manufacturer ID : [VERBAT]
Media Type ID : [IMk]
Product Revision : [000]
Stamper Date : [Not Present On Disc]
Layer Info : [3 Layers (L0-L2) : 497.12 GB (462.98 GiB) Per Layer]
Blank Disc Capacity : [728,202,096 Sectors = 1,491.36 GB (1,388.94 GiB)]
Recording Speeds : [?x]

[ DVD Identifier V5.2.0 - ]

Hm, the printable DL have original Verbatim-Code.
AFAIK this media is one of the best or best BD-R DL media, if it´s original. But it can be Mediarange sells lower quality

I don´t know if it is original or a faked media like it happened long time ago with DVD-media.

Maybe anyone here knows more?

Generally I try to stay away from DL-media because I have bad experieneces since DVD-media.

Here I saw the results with DL-media are vary a lot i quality, depending also on the writer and write speed

The Mediarange with PHILIP-R04 could be made by different manufacturer and vary a lot in quality. I had TDK-branded with awful quality if burning more than 20GB and good media labeled as Xlyne. So you have luck to get a good one :slight_smile:

In your link I can see some negative feedback as well:,50_GB-_270_min,_6x,_Gelabeled,_25_Stueck_in_Cakebox.html

Also googling for MediaRange BD-R-DL:VERBAT-IMf-000 gives results with negative experience.

Media Range vs. original Verbatim cannot be the same. Impossible.

I don´t know whether exist also faked BD-R-media with Mitsubishi-codes . Can you see in which country your media was made?

Unfortunately I always get rid of the paper spindle packaging so I don’t have that information now. All I can say I bought them last summer, it was the new blue & white design and I remember the sign “made in India” but not sure if it was these DLs or SLs (perhaps both?). Verbatim BDXLs are Made In Japan I still have the packaging since these are in standard jewel cases box.

MB India is one or the largest manufacturer of Verbatim-/Mitsubishi-media, PHILIP-R04 could also be made by Moser Baer.

The quality of MBI with Mitsubishi-Codes maybe not always great, but mostly OK. But like I said, Mediarange perhaps use B or C-grade-media, for Verbatim they will use probably A-grade

I think I can understand what do you mean with MediaRange, but with Verbatim AZO they should be the same grade except the variation due to the different factories.

But how big the “normal” variations are?

DL-media was always picky, so I use it only if there is no other way.

I don’t use blu-ray, but the variation in dvd media can be great. I often throw away discs after burning and testing, as I consider the scans unacceptable. And I mostly use Verbatim AZO media.

So theres no difference between Verbatim and brands like Mediarange :wink: ?

Sometimes I have Verbatim which is more worse than Ritek S04, CMC MAG D04, MBIPG101 R10, CMC MAG D01, but overall Verbatim is the better DL in DVD.

But the best I ever had were MKM 001, the first DL-media from Verbatim, 2,4x speed, made in Singapur. But it was very expensive.

BTT: I don´t have an idea about the big problems tommik had, maybe a bad batch, even for Mediarange? The BD-writer he have are good, I don´t think the problems came from the writers

I did not say that as I was talking about variation of Verbatim media made in different factories.

I guess there are only two manufacturer left which make Verbatim-media, CMC and MBI. How many different factories they have I don´t know.

Here I found very cheap Mediarange DVD which uses MCC-Code

Maybe still DVD-fakes with MCC-Code on the market? Or Grade C from MBI?

From the link you provided:

Manufacturer Name: [.Ume Disc Manufacturing Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID: [UME02]

I don’t think MediaRange uses any MCC media.

I see this in my link:

Unique Disc Identifier: [DVD-R:MCC 03RG20]
Disc & Book Type: [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name: [Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.]
Manuacturer ID: [MCC 03RG20]
Blank Disc Capacity: [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]

UME I only found in Intenso

This is what I see:

Strange…depend on browser language or country?

FireShot Screen Capture #001 - ‘MediaRange DVD-R 4_7 GB gelabelt - 16x - 100 St�ck in Cakebox - Disco Bianco - CDRohlinge24___’ - www_discobianco_com.pdf (445.5 KB)