Media Questions

I am very new to DVD burning. I want to know how you tell what media you are getting. In other words, I read some posts about Ritek DVD +R’s and some people said that the R04’s are good and some said R03’s are best. Does it say what it is on the label or the cd spindle? I really have no idea when it comes to DVD media. I just want to find good media at decent prices.

Unless they advertise the media code when you buy them,some websites do. Its very difficult to tell as the same make disc can have different codes.Download dvdinfopro it will tell you media code amongst other things.

Thanks for the info. I have heard many times that Ty disks are the best. I heard that for instance Fuji uses them sometimes. I was just hoping that there would be an easy way to determine is the Fuji disks were made by Ty.

Have you looked in the media forum you may find more info there.

for best compatability and relyability - is better, for speed + is better, i dont burn amny dvds and so am on no rush so i use 4x dvd-r media

FYI, G04 = DVD-R 4x ; R03 = DVD+R 8x.

slow and steady wins the race - Mr. Aysop Fables lol ;D

Thanks for your reply’s. This has helped a lot. Where is a good place to get quality media on the web. Meaning, i don’t want them to be switching media on me and want it to be reasonable prices. A good reputable place.