Media question

I ordered a Lite On 40X12X48 CDRW Model: RTL40125S-OEM
today . 63 bucks shipped fed EX 3 day

Question is what CD R and CDRW media works best with this drive,
I do not see a list on there web site

Plextor corp will post a list of media they have tested
I use TDK R and verbatim CD RW for my plextor 12/10/32

Thank you for help


I use Taiyo Yuden and Princo in the drive with great success. I am not a big fan of CD-RW, so I can’t say much about that, but I know that both TY and Princo make excellent CD-R. I am able to burn 24x rated princo in this drive at 40x without any problem whatsoever. I do reccomend that you update to the newest firmware when you recieve the drive. You will have much better success with the newer firmware versions which use the p-cav writing method than the older versions that use the z-clv method. You will greatly enjoy the drive, I am quite sure.

Thanks for INFO

Where do I buy them ?

it’s somewhat hard to find princo in a retail store. I get mine here:

(I know, I know, it says they are only 24x. I burn them at 40 every time, even with smartburn enabled.)

Taiyo Yuden are a bit easier to come by. Easiest way I have found on those is to get the memorex that say “Made In Japan” and have the opaque shrink-wrap around the spindle. (I don’t recomend purchasing any memorex other than the ones described above, they buy the others from anyone that they can get them from. usually CMC.)

I personally prefer princo, but the Taiyo Yuden is also very good. Below is a list of brands to aviod at all costs:

>Imation (the plastic in some of these is so crappy they begin to crack)

>KingPro (HORRID QUALITY, sometimes they don’t burn in the center of the disc, I got ripped off on these)

>Intenso (same as the Imation, they crack in faster drives)

>Nashua (they begin to devellop pinholes over a few months)

>Platinum (they are made by different companys from month to month, never know what you are getting, some good, some not)

>TDK (same as above)

(all of the above shitlist is first hand experience, not hear-say)

Reply if you need any further advice.

Try looking here, JJL. For the rest of you, I have included media compatability tests with many other drives too. :wink:

And i will recomend it as well as i have contributed to the list :smiley: it is very comprehensive.

You can get some Princo´s here

Very convenient if you live in Scandinavia.

A 100 spindle is only Nok. 350 or US$46.


I have heard people saying Princo is not good and others saying is excellent.Try them and see,personally i dont like them.
TY think is excellent especially for music cds being read at very picky car cdplayer.And they last(for me more than 2,5 years with very low c1 errors written with a plex,no c2).

I have had excelent sucess with both princo and Taiyo, I get whichever is cheaper.