Media question

First off I can’t seem to make good use of the forum search function since it says my words are too short, but if I dont use them, then my search terms are too broad. So here I am asking…

First off how can I check where the Verbatim discs are made? Do they say on the package?

Also, how do I know what “Media” the brand name dics are made of? For instance, how do I know the Sony’s are good, or the Memorex, or TDK etc…Obviously they wont let me open up and put one in my computer that I bring in the store. So how do I know?

Maybe there should be a currently updated FAQ concerning media brand names and the corresponding media thats in them and how to tell the difference.


Check out the blank media part of this forum… Just scroll down the page and you’ll find it… They will be able to help further.

Moved to Blank Media forum.