Media question

I just bought a 100pack of Memorex 16x DVD+R(purple packaging) and they are MCC 004s, are these the same as the Verbatim 16x DVD+Rs?
I just bought these to give out movies to friends and such so they were the cheapest at the store, almost the same price as 25 of the Verbatims.

There probably (99% sure) CMC MAG M01 or something like that. They are decent medias, but not near Taiyo Yuden or Verbatims!
I would be very surprise that those Memorex would actually be MCC 004!

If you want Verbatims 16X(MCC 004), than i guess you gonna have to pay a little more to get it.

The have the same media identifier but these can easily be sub-standard MCC004’s that didn’t live up to Verbatim’s own specs.

Sometimes HQ manufacturers (like TY and MCC) sell media batches that are produced during plant startup/shutdown phases to 3rd-party resellers (like Memorex or even Maxell - I have seen some horrible TY’s from Maxell) at a low price. These batches often do not show the same quality as the ones being sold under their own brand … that way, HQ manufacturers can still get some money and do not risk their own reputation.

If I were you, I’d burn the first 5 discs at 8x max. … just to assess quality.

Yes, some Memorex are MCC 004 - they are not fakes.