? Media Quality Determination


I was just reading a few of those FAQs and such including a detailed one on media quality and codes. Reading it popped a question into my head. How exactly is media quality determined? What specifically determines the ranks?

I thought about it and figured that there are two forms of tests: technical/scientific and practical/experience.

Some of the scientific tests are easy; it should be fairly trivial to determine reflectivity for example, but what about chemical decay and distribution, are those considered, and if so how and by whom?

I can’t help but wonder if most of the tests that produce the quality lists are practical ones where some people do test burns of different permutations as well as the compilation of reports of success or failure from lots of people.

Does anyone know what exactly goes into the quality rankings? Is it indeed objective scientific tests, subjective practical tests, or a combination?

If you are referring to a certain sites rankings, then no technical evaluation is used for those rankings AFAIK, it is only based on burn success rate. If you are referring to something else, please provide links.

I mean in general; I’ve seen lots of comparisons and people talking about this media being good and that one being bad (not just based on their experiences, but also on what they’ve heard). But the one that got me wondering was this one that I got to from the Golden Rules of Burning.

I’m under the impression that [B]DrageMester [/B]will soon have to input his usual warning here… :bigsmile:
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Here it is: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1820529&postcount=7 :wink:

you can read these posts:
And this thread that was dedicated to the very topic you raise:

[B]LordSmurf [/B](who is one of the people responsible for the page in question) explained us that these rankings were, as mentioned on the page itself, based on [I]failed burns rate[/I]. From how many users, burners etc…, we don’t know, you can ask him. :wink:

Just ignore that list !!