Media quality depleting over time +R/-R



I believe I read somewhere on here awhile back that it was better to burn on a specific type of media (-R or +R) if you wanted to keep the discs for along time and not worry about the quality depleting over time.

Can anyone verify the truth to this? I cant seem to find anything on it?


Buying quality Made In Japan media helps solve that problem. Taiyo Yuden media in plus or minus should last longer than you will.


Easy enough, Thanks!


TY is probably one of if not the best media available but lets not stretch it too far. Lasting longer than we will?? I don’t think so. Plus even TY can have a crappy batch. IMO more so with the branded versions.


It better last longer than me , I’m 83.


Backed by a lifetime warranty, Verbatim DigitalMovie DVD-R.


But, for my data, I think I’ll redo it every 5 yrs just to be safe. At least until there is clear and concise proof that it is safe to go longer.


Who’s lifetime:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


Good point. I heard that Ritek estimates that their media will last 35 years if it is properly cared for. Me I would personally say that something like TY will probably last about 20 years if it is properly cared for. In other words it will definitely outlast the usefulness of the format.


Cared for properly… Would that mean kept in a safe and never used or looked at.


Above all else, don’t look at, think about looking at, or discuss looking at with anyone, even yourself. :wink: