Media Protector

I dont know if it is just me or the way my family handles discs, but the backup DVD’s we make seem to scratch really easy, resulting in messed up pictures or dvd’s that don’t play at all. Has anyone heard of a substance you coat the back of the dvd media with once it is burned to make it more scratch resistant? If not, maybe somebody could invent something like that! :slight_smile:


Never heard of such a thing… the best thing is to handle with care :slight_smile:

The back of a DVD is not particularly suseptable to scratches, in fact it shouldn’t hurt anything. The burn side is another matter, and DVD’s are very prone to reading problems if scratched there. There’s nothing you can do about it except be careful, and replace them before they get so bad that they don’t read.

You know I saw a commercial the other night about these clear things you put over burnt cds to protect it from scratches. This hitchhiker got in a semi and the guys cd was skipping so the hitchhiker threw it out the window and pulled out a cd and put this cover over it and popped it in the cd player. It was late and now I can’t remember the name of them. I think it was d-xxxx, I just can’t remember the word after d-

Anyone know what I am talking about and if they work for DVDs

They are called d-skin. You can read about them at