Media problem



Hey Folks,

Anyone use BenQ 8x DVD+R, MID is Daxon AZ2. I did a couple burns and im getting pooooor results using my liteon 832S with CG5G firmware.

Here is a scan.


@ Warbucks81
Welcome:). Despite the low ‘Quality score’ of 50, that is actually a pretty good burn. You do have the good-sized PI hill at ~4GB, but you have only 4 single PIF spikes over 4. They can be discounted as they are the recalibration spikes inherent in the CG5G firmware. Those should present no problem in playback. Unfortunately, the ‘quality score’ will always suffer when used to judge CG5G burns(or any other burns where recalibration is used). I would rate that about 80-85 on the ‘please’ scale:)(points lost due to the PI hill and not the PIF maxs or total). You can see similar results in this thread