Media Problem @48X Again

I don’t know if my drive is among the pickier ones, but it surely causes lots of troubles than it’s worth.

I was happy burning @48X with the Ritek-made TDK 40X-certified CD-R (the so-called JS dye). After I run out of disc I went out to buy another 100-disc spindle of the same brand, and now whenever I burn @48X lots of errors appeared in ScanDisc. I compared the new discs with the old ones and they are identifical to my eyes except that the codes in the inner rim of the new ones are more transparent. Now what should I do with my new discs? Should I try my luck to buy another spindle?

Don’t use 40x certified TDK-Ritek, but 32x certified TDK, made by TDK. They’re better and work well at 48x.

The problem is: where can I find 32X-certified Ritek and how can I distinguish them from the 40X ones?

Not Ritek! 32x TDK is made by TDK, not Ritek.

I only buy media which I know and which I know the certified speed from, so I usually don’t buy cakeboxes, but only juwel case media.

Oh too bad. I can’t find real TDK where I live.

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CDR Overclocker, where do you live? Maybe some online-shop ships to your area? You might find something here

I don’t think TDK made by TDK is availible outside Europe…at least not in the US.

I have some of these good TDK made by TDK (phthalocyanine) discs myself as well.