Media pre-sale question

I know how to find the manufacturer and data about the media after I have purchased it. I was just wondering if there was any sneaky way to tell if the media is from a reputable mfg before I buy them?

At this point the only media I’ve had good success with and trust is TY. You can buy the genuine, non-branded (i.e. Fuji, TDK,etc) from If you’re looking for branded stuff, I’ve gotten TY from Fuji and TDK. The spindles have a characteristic look. There is no “lip” on the bottom. The side of the top is flush to the bottom edge. With Fuji, you can see “made in japan” printed on the top dvd. In the case of TDK, the package will say MIJ on the side and the spindle will look just like described above. I don’t know of any branded TY media that comes in a spindle with a lip on the bottom edge. Be careful with Maxell media since the barcode may say MIJ. However, this is not TY media. It’s MXL (maxell) media. While alot of people love the stuff, my first experience with it wasn’t good and it’s left a sour taste in my mouth.

Hope this helps :bigsmile:

You can look here to see what various brands use.
As far as what media codes are good, it can vary from drive to drive. The bargain basment is a good place for discussion of medias that are on sale or the specific forum for your burner.

By straight from the manufacturer and avoid the hassle.