Media players

Would anyone be able to give me some names of media players that will support a DVD menu? Did have a western digital media player but returned it, wanting to have my ripped DVDs on a hard drive and use the media player to play them on the TV but WD doesn’t support the DVD menu.
Any suggestions on one?
Price around $150 to $250AUD.

I’ve been thinking of purchasing a WD Media player, since I really don’t care about menus on DVD backups…That said maybe look into the Popcorn Hour…

Another one is Asus O!Play HDP R1.

So does the Asus O!Play HDP R1 and Popcorn Hour media players defiantly support DVD menu???

thanks shane

[QUOTE=shane.hourigan;2445740]So does the Asus O!Play HDP R1 … defiantly support DVD menu???[/QUOTE]I’ve read that in many german forums.
And in this video it’s verified at 0:50.