Media Player

Everytime i try to open a file using the file>open media player freezes. it shows a liust of the other old selections i can play… and thats fine, but as soon as i click browse… it freezes and i have to ctrl+alt+del out of it. i reinstalled it but no help. i use 64. and i upgraded to 7.1 and it still did it. then i just got rid of 7.1 since it did me no good. im on windows 98se.

thanks for any help

i just figured out that its not the open function itself, but it freezes whenever it gets to this one folder. but since thats the last folder i used, it starts there which means it freezes immediately. any help/advice?

If it freezes only on 1 particular folder, you can try this:

[ul]- rename the folder

  • open the Mediaplayer
  • open the folder; which will not be found so you will be redirected to a default folder
  • now try opening some file
    Afterwords you rename the folder back.

i renamed the folder so it goes to a default. i opened a file in some other folder. i went into the renamed folder, but it still froze. is it a file inside the folder?

it doesnt freeze anymore. i renamed them all. either it had problems with long filenames, or so many periods. i used periods in between words, now i have dashes. but it opens. thanks for your help.

I have a somewhat similar problem. The media player freezes when I try to play a cd. I have to ctrl+alt+del. But it works with mp3’s from the hd.
I reinstalled wmplayer, did not work. Switched back to wmplayer 6 version, it doesn’t freeze, just says the format (cda) is not recognized. the microsux page doesn’t help at all.
strange thing is that I play the cd’s with winamp, no problem at all. yeahplayer worked fine also, but it stopped working a few days ago, with the same problems…