Media player wont eject disc



hi everyone I am not very computer knowledgeable to hope I can find someone to help with my problem in plain english. I am using windowsxp

I have windows media player it plays dvds and cds perfectly the problem is when I use it to burn a cd it burns fine until it gets to the finalising bit I then get an error message asking to check the connection or to check the disc is not dirty, I then cant get it to eject the disc whatever I do and have to reboot the computer to get the disc out, I then can play the cd in my cd player in car etc and it plays fine I have tried everything that was suggested in troubleshooting i.e brought a different brand it worked for about three cds but now does the same thing again. I can burn dvds without any problem although i do use a different program for that. This morning I loaded virtual dub and was given this warning:
One or more of the divx 3 drivers have been detected on your system these drivers are illegal binary hacks of legitamate drivers
Divx 3 lowmotion/fast motion microsoft
MPEG-4V3 Video
Divx audio microsoft windows media audio
Radium MP3 fraunhofer-iis MPEG layer 111 audio
These drivers are known to be problematic with stabillity issues and interfence with the original drivers.
note this warning does not apply to the divx 4.0 and later releases which are completly different codecs.

is this the problem when burning cds do you think if so do i just uninstall the divx 3 if i can find it and then download divx 4.0 I wanted to check with someone a bit more knowledgeable in case I messed up the whole computer so would really appreciate any help thanks :bow:


Try using a different program to burn an audio CD. If it works, then the issue is WMP. If it doesn’t, then the issue is likely your burner.


hi thanks for the help i use other programmes for burning and they are fine I guess its something to do with wmp but it is the only program i know to burn cds that i can play in my car or cd player. i have tried using nero but they wont play in my cd player etc only in my dvd player why would wmp do this is it the codecs or something cant understand it as i said before once i have rebooted i can take the cd out and it plays perfectly but it is a pain to have to keep rebooting after every cd burn.


here is my advice…

use ImgBurn ( for DATA burning and Burrrn ( ) for AUDIO CD’s.

as for playing video files etc i recommend ‘The KMPlayer’ ( ) as it dont need any additional codecs installed to work unlike Windows Media Player… for playing back general audio on the pc i recommend “Winamp LITE”

p.s. the built in Burning stuff that’s in windows pretty much sucks!