Media Player resized all my album art



I just figured out Windows Media Player resized all my album art in my mp3 folders. :a For example: In the folder AC-DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap I now have two hidden system files. One named AlbumArtSmall.jpg and folder.jpg. Before I just had one file named folder.jpg in the album directory and it wasn’t a system folder and it wasn’t hidden and it was bigger. The good news is, the original album art is still contained in the original mp3 tag files for each song. Using Tag&Rename I can save the original art back to the folder named folder.jpg and it will overwrite the hidden system file. Here’s my question: Is there a way to do this using some form of a batch process? Or, am I going to have click my way through each and every individual album folder one-by-freaking-one?