Media player freezes when scrolling in mpeg's



Since I’v been ripping dvd’s this has happened to me:
Whenever I want to play a vcd/mpeg file
with any program or edit it, and I want to
scroll in the file, the player “freezes”
Installing again/new version doesn’t help.
On another pc there’s no problem with the files.

Anybody know how to fix this ?


I had a similar problem with media player freezing up when trying to play a VCD on a PC I recently built from scratch. The solution to my problem was to install the IDE drivers that came on the disk I got with my motherboard(Gigabyte). Apparently, the drivers that Windows 98 installs is not compatable with my motherboard. When I installed the manufactures drivers everything workded fine.

Not sure if this is your problem, but I hope this helps.