Media Player for (HP iPAQ) or settings for DVDFab

Hi all,

Hope someone can advise on this one. I have DVDFab Platinum and am really happy with this for backing up my DVD’s —

I now want to be able to use the other features to make a copy of a disc, so that I can transfer the file to my PDA and watch this when travelleing.

(Sorry this next bit’s a little scetchy) – I’ve been able to use the ‘generic’ PDA setting and have producde a .AVI file about 500 meg (half a gig) and this plays OK on my PC (windows media player V10) – however when I transfer this to my PDA – this does not play ?

The PDA is a iPAQ 2’series and the file transfers to the SD memory OK but the Windows media player (V9 somehting) does not seem to want to play the file. I do have a short video clip in .WMV format on the PDA and this plays OK, so my questions are as follows -->

  1. Can DVDFab produce the file in .WMV fromat or is there a guide as to which settings I should use to produce the output ?

  2. Do I need a different media player or upgraded version for my PDA ? Is so does anyone have any links they could point me at please ?

Either a newer version of Windows Media player or something like VCL from mobile ?

On this 2nd point I did look at the MS site at this link but could not find a download.

Hope somone can help as I’d really love to be able to play a movies on my PDA



No help, but I am trying to do the same and having trouble. Did you find a solution yet?

As of now fab will not produce files with an wmv extension,Fengtao has said they are working on this.Hear is a link for what I use for wmv output,try before you buy.Fab is still the best for everything but no output to wmv,hope to see it soon.

Pocket DVD Wizard (4.8.2) has very simple GUI converting DVD or most video file formats to a range of alternative formats selected according to OS, & including WMV8 for iPAQ.

Output file plays perfectly with Windows Media Player on iPAQ. You can choose file size according to storage card & there is an option to remove bars when converting wide screen format, which maximises use of small screen on hw6915.

Look forward to similar option on future version of DVD Fab.

Regards - Richard