Media player 'dirty disc' in Aopen



Media player keeps coming up with the dirty disc error message when playing 1 particular avi film from cd, this only does it on my Aopen 1648, ive burned the same film onto 2 different types of cd and it still does it in 1 particular place on the disc in the Aopen, so its not the disc thats damaged, the Aopen reads the disc great with cdspeed and has low error rates and the pc will read this film from the hard drive fine, 1 more thing my 52246s reads it fine but will flash rapidly when coming up to the bad area this is whilst playing the film in media player, the cdspeed read curves are all great in all drives, argggh!!!

basically the avi will crash in the same place in the aopen this is the same film on 2 seperate different brand cd’s, but has a great cdspeed read curve

ive tried it in a different machine as single master and tried a different ide cable.