Media Player Classic Home Cinema (Updates)



1.6.3 - 14 August 2012

New webpage (
Source code moved to GitHub (
The DirectX runtime dlls are included in the distribution packages so it’s no longer needed to install the DirectX runtime
MpegSplitter: support for DVD-Audio LPCM and MLP in .aob files
Use FFmpeg for AC3 and DTS decoding
If the icon library is modified in a way that can break the icons associated to the extensions handled by MPC-HC, MPC-HC will automatically try to fix the registry so that each extension is associated to the correct icon
Unrar is statically linked and so MPC-HC and VSFilter no longer need the unrar dll
The Icon Library was rewritten leading to smaller size
The Output Options page was redesigned for better usability
Ticket #625, The translation dll’s size was decreased by 2/3 (uncompressed)
Ticket #2227, Hide the seek bar in capture mode
Ticket #2276, Use the new user interface on Vista and later for the Save dialogs
Ticket #2342, MPC-HC will now use the Windows theme font for the Statusbar, OSD messages and a few other places on Windows Vista and newer
Ticket #2378, Move the “Remember last playlist” option into the Options dialog
Unrar to v4.20
MediaInfoLib to v0.7.59
ZenLib to v0.4.28
FFmpeg (git 603221e)
Little CMS to v2.4 (git eb67549)
SoundTouch to v1.7.0pre r143
Armenian, Basque, Belarusian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Czech, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Ukrainian translations
The hand cursor wasn’t shown in the web links in Keys and WebServer options page
Toolbar code cleanup and background fix for Windows XP
The last textbox used in the Goto dialog was not remembered since r3964 and r3965
Always show an error message instead of crashing when the argument of a command line switch is missing
OggSplitter: Fix crash with some files
Logitech Keyboard support updated and made optional (Options -> Tweaks)
WebServer: various bugfixes and improvements
Ticket #504, Fixed rounding errors that prevented a properly centered image and caused unneeded resizing because the video size was off by one
Ticket #2330, Fix the radio buttons in the Logo options page
Ticket #2349, Recent Files: “Clear List” did not remove all files from the list
Ticket #2356, The “With icons” and “File(s)” options in the Formats options page were not applied if no association was previously modified
Ticket #2362, [DVB] Fix the Electronic Program Guide (EPG):
Fix the parsing of the event’s information
Fix the parsing of the characters’ encoding
Fix the display of the start and end time when DST is observed
Ticket #2365, The volume slider wasn’t properly redrawn in some cases
Ticket #2427, The command line was not parsed when using slave mode
Ticket #2470, API: Ensure that a 32-bit application can control MPC-HC 64-bit
Ticket #2493, Fix a crash when saving subtitles using the sub format
Numerous other bugfixes and improvements

Software Updates

[B]1.6.4 - 01 October 2012[/B]

MPCVideoDec: Add support for 4K for Intel HD Graphics 4000
AVI Splitter: Add a property page so that the support for non interleaved files can be turned on/off. Support for such files is now enabled by default. The old AVI Chunk Viewer dialog has been removed.
Added chapter indicators to the seekbar and the chapter name is now displayed in the time tooltip.
Added keys for changing volume by increments of 1
Remove .dat extension from the icon library and the formats (you can still associate it in the “Others” formats)
Re-enable the embedded resources viewer in the properties dialog and improve its “open in browser” function (when double clicking on a resource)
Store the path to MPC-HC’s executable in HKEY_CURRENT_USER for external use. External applications that depend on that path should get it from there rather than HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. The old key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE will be removed in the next version
Changed default maximum subtitle resolution to “Desktop”
Updated FFmpeg (n0.8-14000-g015b805)
Updated Little CMS to v2.4 (git 728139a)
Updated SoundTouch to v1.7.0
Updated MediaInfoLib to v0.7.60 r5048
Updated ZenLib to v0.4.28 r403
Updated VirtualDub to v1.10.3-test6
Basque, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Slovak translations
The hand cursor wasn’t shown in the web links in Keys and WebServer options page
Web interface: Fix the “Deploy” feature
Subtitles didn’t show in some cases when using the internal subtitles renderer
Improve DVB subtitles handling:
Fix missing subtitles
Ticket #2589, Fix wrongly colored subtitles
Ticket #48, Ticket #515, Ticket #2533, Improve PGS subtitles (BluRay) parsing:
Fix missing subtitles
Fix wrong display duration
Ticket #102, Fix playback of VideoCD as disk
Ticket #790, Ticket #1511, Ticket #2269, Ticket #2612, VSFilter: Fix a bug causing the subtitles not to show when using YUY2 color space
Ticket #2219, Ticket #2610, MPEG Splitter/AAC Decoder: Add basic support from AAC LATM tracks
Ticket #2267, WebUI: added support for ‘#’, ‘%’, ‘+’ and other characters in file names
Ticket #2452, Fix color controls in certain situations
Ticket #2455, Ticket #2484, Ticket #2614, WebServer: Better Unicode support
Ticket #2540, Fix handling of big API messages
Ticket #2547, The master window handle was erroneously reset when starting a file from the explorer.
Ticket #2599, Fix “Snap to desktop edges” option for multi-monitor setup
Ticket #2606, MPEG Splitter: Don’t output the fake “No subtitle” track when the file contains no subtitles


[B]1.7.0 - 29 September 2013
Replace the internal filters with LAV Filters. LAV Filters are modern open source DirectShow filters based on FFmpeg. They are known to be reliable and fast and overall should be more stable than the old filters. MPC-HC integrates LAV Filters directly and no extra installation steps are required. The embedded version of LAV Filters doesn’t interfere at all with other installed DirectShow filters (including the standalone versions of LAV Filters).
Note to XP users: hardware decoding is only supported on nVidia graphic adapters. If you really need a DXVA decoder, you can use a standalone version of MPC Video Decoder.
Support loading HTTP/RTSP/UDP/RTP streams using embedded source filters
D3DFullscreen can now switch to windowed mode (just like regular fullscreen mode)
Audio Switcher: Show all audio tracks available, including all the embedded tracks exhibited by the source filter and the external tracks
Playlist: Add a “Move to Recycle Bin” right click option, with optional keyboard shortcut
Ticket #533, Add a command line switch (/device) to open the default video device
Ticket #3107, Add support for playing from standard input. Use “-” as a special filename to designate the standard input. Examples:

> mpc-hc.exe - < sample.ts
> a_prog.exe | mpc-hc.exe -
Improved RARFileSource integration:

Added support for subtitle database
Added support for file properties and MediaInfo
“File -> Save a copy” now extracts the file from the RAR archive
Windows 8.1 support
All track selection sub-menus are now centralized in the Play menu, the similar sub-menus have been removed from the Navigate menu
The naming of external subtitles item in Play -> Subtitles menu has been improved to get rid of the uninformative “Undetermined” name
When “Prefer external subtitles over embedded subtitles” is enabled, an external track is always selected by default even if an embedded track matches a preferred language
The “Go To” menu entry has been moved to the “Navigate” menu
D3DFullscreen changes:
toggle hotkey is now disabled by default
support for madVR has been removed (it already has exclusive mode)
10-bit RBG output now falls back to 8-bit output if the display does not support it
Remove D2VSource; it’s unmaintained and basically unused
WebUI: Switched to HTML5 and improved the cross browser support (IE8 or newer is needed, other browsers should work fine)
Little CMS to v2.5 (git ad2cb04)
Unrar to v5.0.0
MediaInfoLib to v0.7.64
ZenLib to v0.4.29 r444
VirtualDub to v1.10.4-test11
Armenian, Basque, Czech, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Slovak, Turkish and Ukrainian translations
D3DFullscreen fixes:
fixed strange focus behavior when always on top is enabled
fixed VMR9 D3DFS minimizing when losing focus
fixed thumb mouse buttons not working when D3DFS has focus
Various fixes for better playlist support
Fixed creation date in file properties always being shown as “Not known”
Ticket #2109/#2975, Fix the handling of aspect ratio changes when using EVR-CP or Sync Renderer with DXVA decoding
Ticket #2189/#3300, Fix graph objects not being properly released when opening another file while Properties or Options window is visible
Ticket #3304, Fix remembering file position when double-clicking on a playlist item. If a position was previously saved, it will be restored unless the file is already playing
Ticket #3425, Audio Switcher: Fix a crash with audio resampling and channel remapping enabled
Ticket #3440, Disable the “Explore to” feature when the file isn’t local in the Properties dialog and the playlist context menu
Ticket #3455, Hide MediaInfo tab when no information is available
Ticket #3456, Don’t show the progress in the taskbar when no duration is available
Ticket #3478, The “File” menu was slow to open when a drive was unavailable


1.7.7 - 05 October 2014

  • Accept loading more than one subtitle file at a time using the “Load subtitle” dialog or drag-and-drop
  • Add advanced settings page
  • Add Arabic and Thai translations
  • Completely reworked subtitle queue:
  • The queue should be quite faster than the older one for a similar number of buffered subpictures.
    It should also work much better when the number of subpictures becomes important
  • Subtitle animation can now be disabled even when using no buffering
  • Add the ability to choose at which state (in percentage of the full animation) an animated subtitle
    will be rendered when the animation is turned off
  • Add the ability to control the rate of the animation (in percentage of the movie frame rate)
  • Add the ability to control whether the subtitle queue is allowed to drop some subpictures in case
    subtitle rendering is too slow
  • Add option to set jpg quality when saving images (default quality is increased from 75% to 90%)
  • Ticket #353, Allow to control minimum file duration for remember position feature
  • Ticket #1287, Add after playback command to turn off the monitor.
  • Ticket #1407/#2425, Add an advanced option to control the number of recent files. Those files are shown
    in the “Recent Files” menu. It is also the files for which a position is potentially saved
  • Ticket #1531, Show cover-art while playing audio files
  • Ticket #2194, Show drive label when playing DVD
  • Ticket #3393, Allow to disable remember position feature for audio files
  • Ticket #4345, Text subtitles: Add a mode that automatically chooses the rendering target based on the
    subtitle type, ASS/SSA subtitles will be rendered on the video frame while other text subtitles will
    be rendered on the full window
  • Ticket #4690, Internal filters: Support v210/v410 raw video formats
  • Text subtitles: Faster subtitle parsing (up to 4 times faster for ASS/SSA subtitles)
  • Text subtitles: Improved subtitle renderer for faster rendering of complex subtitle scripts (often twice faster or more)
  • Text subtitles: Much faster subtitle opening in the Subresync bar
  • Ticket #325, Move after playback commands to options and add an option to close and restore logo.
  • Ticket #1663, Improved command line help dialog
  • Ticket #2834, Increase limit on subtitles override placement feature.
  • Ticket #4428, Improve the clarity of the error message when opening a subtitle file fails
  • Ticket #4687, Reworked “Formats” option page. It is now possible to clear all associations
  • Ticket #4865, Subtitles option page: Clarify the “Delay interval” setting
  • Updated Little CMS to v2.6 (git 9c075b3)
  • Updated Unrar to v5.1.7
  • Updated MediaInfoLib to v0.7.70
  • Updated ZenLib to v0.4.29 r481
  • Updated LAV Filters to stable version 0.63.0:
  • LAV Video: HEVC decoding is up to 100% faster
  • LAV Video: Fix potential artifacts when decoding x264 lossless streams
  • LAV Splitter: Support for playing AES encrypted HLS streams
  • LAV Splitter: Advanced Subtitle selection allows selecting subtitles by a string match on the stream title
  • Ticket #3608, LAV Splitter: Fix stuttering with some (m2)ts files
  • Ticket #4322, LAV Audio: Improve the estimated duration for some MP3 files
  • Ticket #4539, LAV Video: Fix a crash with DVD subtitles on 64-bit builds when using software decoding
  • Ticket #4639, LAV Splitter: Fix incorrect colors for VobSub tracks in MP4
  • Ticket #4783, LAV Video: Experimental support for hardware (CUVID and DXVA2) assisted decoding of HEVC streams (disabled by default)
  • Ticket #4879, LAV Audio and LAV Splitter: Fix TrueHD streams with a Dolby Atmos sub-stream
    The full changelog can be found at
  • Updated Armenian, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, British English, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional),
    Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay,
    Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tatar, Turkish, Ukrainian
    and Vietnamese translations
    ! Work around corrupted display with NVIDIA drivers v344.11 when using EVR, EVR-CP or Sync renderers
    ! “Load subtitle” dialog: Fix the file filters on Windows Vista+
    ! “Resources” tab: The resource saved wasn’t always matching the selection
    ! Ticket #3930, Fix a possible crash with embedded subtitles when the subtitle queue is disabled
    ! Ticket #4207, Taskbar preview wasn’t scaled correctly
    ! Ticket #4504, ASS/SSA subtitles: Support floating point values in drawing commands
    ! Ticket #4505, Embedded text subtitles: Fix a possible crash related to the Subresync bar
    ! Ticket #4536, ASS/SSA subtitles: Fix the parsing of fs tags when the value was negative
    ! Ticket #4665, Ensure that the icon shown in the status bar and the property dialog
    matches the icon currently associated to the format
    ! Ticket #4678/#4856, Use internal filters for GIF format
    ! Ticket #4684, Clicking on the some parts of the volume slider had no effect
    ! Ticket #4707, EVR-CP: Screenshots were corrupted when “Force 10-bit input” was used
    ! Ticket #4730, MediaInfo: Ensure the MediaInfo tab gives the same information as the official GUI
    ! Ticket #4744, Some subtitles could cause a crash or produce artifacts
    ! Ticket #4752, Monitors connected to secondary graphic card were not detected
    ! Ticket #4758, Adjust width of the groupbox headers to avoid empty space
    ! Ticket #4778, Fix optical drive detection when its letter is A or B.
    ! Ticket #4782, Backward frame step led to jumping to the wrong position in certain situations
    ! Ticket #4825, Tracks matching a preferred language weren’t always selected correctly
    ! Ticket #4827, Initial window size could be wrong for anamorphic video
    ! Ticket #4831, Fix a rare issue with animated subtitles starting at timecode 0
    ! Ticket #4857, The timings of some subtitles could be wrong when using Sync Renderer
    ! Ticket #4863, MPC-HC could crash when opening a file through the QuickTime engine


1.7.11 - 06 March 2017
Ability to control playback repeat mode
Add a cache to avoid recompiling pixel shaders when possible
Add SVG support for custom toolbars
Add Bosnian translation
Option to set audio delay values for each display mode
Old DirectX 7 renderers have been removed. Settings will be updated automatically to use the corresponding VMR-9 renderers. If you really want to use a renderer similar to VMR-7 (windowed), use Overlay mixer or the “System Default” renderer
Make Video Renderer statistics scalable to window size and unify graph look for EVR Sync and other renderers
“Replace currently loaded subtitles” option no longer removes subtitles provided by splitter
Change Pan&Scan logic:
PnS Rotate Y- now flips horizontally
PnS Rotate X- now flips vertically
PnS Rotate Z- now rotates 90 degrees (counter-clockwise)
The postive rotate functions still do 1 degree rotation around their axis
Hide the infobar in normal view preset. This makes it equal to default view
Ticket #2022/#4779: Rewrite subtitles downloading framework
Support for multiple subtitle providers including the default OpenSubtitles as well as podnapisi, titlovi, SubDB, ysubs and Napisy24 which can be enabled in Options (Subtitles → Misc)
Ticket #5193, Ability to upload subtitles to OpenSubtitles and SubDB
Ability to login into OpenSubtitles
Ticket #5406, Ability to filter subtitle list by selected languages
Option to automatically search and download subtitles at the beginning of playback without user interaction
Prioritize subtitles for hearing impaired where indicated
Ticket #5472, Append language code when saving the subtitles file
Updated Arabic, Armenian, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, British English, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Spanish, Tatar, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese translations
Updated Little CMS to v2.8 (1272acb)
Updated tinyxml2 to v4.0.1
Updated MediaInfoLib to v0.7.92
Updated ZenLib to v0.4.34
Updated Unrar to v5.4.5
Updated zlib to v1.2.11
Updated LAV Filters to v0.69:
LAV Splitter: Support HTTPS protocol
LAV Splitter: Switch back to an improved version of the old ASF demuxer
LAV Splitter: Support demuxing H264 MVC
Ticket #5815, LAV Splitter: Improve the detection of the forced flag for some MP4 subtitle tracks
LAV Video Decoder: Add experimental support for VP9 DXVA2 decoding (disabled by default)
LAV Video Decoder: Enable hardware decoding for HEVC and 4K/UHD by default
LAV Video Decoder: Add a basic H264 MVC decoder based on Intel MediaSDK. Note that for now the Intel MediaSDK library is not distributed with MPC-HC. If you want to use this new decoder, you have to download the library
64-bit: and decompress it to the LAVFilters(64) folder.
LAV Video Decoder: Offer Weston Three Field Deinterlacing (w3fdif) as an alternative to YADIF
Ticket #3974, LAV Video Decoder: Fix DXVA decoding of interlaced H.264 videos on some Intel GPU
Ticket #5666, LAV Video Decoder: YADIF deinterlacing sometimes caused black screen in DVD menus
LAV Audio Decoder: Fix a possible crash when using bitstreaming
Window position and/or size could be wrong when exiting fullscreen mode for the first time and “Launch files in fullscreen” option is enabled
Ticket #2202, Automatically rotate MP4/MOV/FLV files when the rotation info is available
Ticket #5557, Show the correct language name for Serbian subtitles. They used to show as Croatian
Ticket #5748, Track selection menus did not work when using DVB capture
Ticket #5828, Update seekbar position when generating thumbnails
Ticket #5829, Creating thumbnails while the video was stopped left the player in an undefined state. The stopped state is now properly restored after creating the thumbnails


1.7.13 - 16 July 2017

    Switched from mhook to MinHook since it’s more actively maintained
    Require a CPU processor with SSE2 instructions
    Ticket #5865, Add context menu option to copy subtitle URL
    Updated translations
    Updated LAV Filters to v0.70.2
    Updated Little CMS to v2.8 (d41071e)
    Updated MediaInfoLib to v0.7.97
    Updated ZenLib to v0.4.35
    Updated Unrar to v5.5.6
    Scale MediaInfo properties tab text properly on high DPI

And a sad note to add to this, it looks like this may very well be the last version of MPC-HC. Here is the notification:

v1.7.13 is released and farewell
July 16, 2017 XhmikosR

v1.7.13, the latest, and probably the last release of our project…

For quite a few months now, or even years, the number of active developers has been decreasing and has inevitably reached zero. This, unfortunately, means that the project is officially dead and this release would be the last one.

…Unless some people step up that is.

So, if someone’s willing to really contribute and has C/C++ experience, let me know on IRC or via e-mail.

Otherwise, all things come to an end and life goes on. It’s been a nice journey and I’m personally pretty overwhelmed having to write this post.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way all these years; Remember, MPC-HC is an 11-year old project.


Changelog 1.7.14 to update:

  • Skip seeks if duration is unknown
  • Support playback of UHD Blu-ray discs. With same limitations as regular Blu-ray. No menus, and disc must be decrypted (using external tool).
  • Added compatiblity warning when attempting to enable “Full Floating Point Processing” renderer option
  • Tweaked video renderer presets


Good to see that mpc is still being actively maintained.


Changelog 1.7.14 to 1.7.15:

  • Updated LAV Filters to v0.71
  • Skip seeks if duration is unknown
  • Support playback of UHD Blu-ray discs. With same limitations as regular Blu-ray. No menus, and disc must be decrypted (using external tool).
  • Added compatibility warning when attempting to enable “Full Floating Point Processing” renderer option
  • Tweaked video renderer presets


Changes from 1.7.16 to 1.7.17:


LAV Filters 0.72
MediaInfo DLL 18.05

Use millisecond prevision in SaveImage filename


The “Ignore System Channel Mixer” audio renderer option was not saved


Changes from 1.7.18 to 1.8.1:


Updated LAV Filters to v0.72-12-g14744
Updated MediaInfo DLL to v18.08.1


Added support for decoding AOMedia AV1 video
Added WMA to internal filters list
Allow using externally installed LAV Filters as internal filters when our own LAV Filters folder doesn’t exist.
Added advanced option “AllowInaccurateFastseek”, which is enabled by default. When enabled fast seek (to keyframe) is allowed to be very inaccurate (max difference 20 seconds) in files with huge keyframe intervals. When disabled the allowed inaccuracy is much lower, when deciding between a fast and normal seek. For example 30% of jump size.
If a playlist entry points to an URL, then display the title/label in player title bar instead of the URL.
Limit max video height returned by Youtube-DL to 1440 by default. Higher resolutions may not play smoothly due to bandwidth throttling by Youtube.
This value can be customized in: Options > Advanced > YDLMaxHeight


Fixed crash when opening generic URLs. Was a regression since addition of Youtube-DL support in previous version.


Changelog 1.8.2 to 1.8.3:

  • Updated LAV Filters to v0.73
  • Improved cover art selection when a file contains multiple embedded covers
  • Added advanced option for controlling usage of Youtube-DL
  • Excluded certain URLs from being processed by Youtube-DL (for example direct file links and URLs without domain)

! Fixed crash when accessing info page of web interface


Changelog 1.8.3 to 1.8.4:

  • Updated LAV Filters to v0.73.1
  • Updated MediaInfo DLL to v18.12
  • Several Youtube-DL related improvements
  • Menu > File > “Save a copy” now also works for online streams
  • Increased maximum image size for “Save Thumbnails” to 3840. Max columns is now 16 and max rows is now 40.

! Fixed slow seeking in certain MP4 files
! Fixed playback of UHD Bluray with internal source filter


Changes from 1.8.4 to 1.8.5:


Updated LAV Filters to v0.74

Option to specify command line parameters to use when downloading with youtube-dl (File > Save a Copy). Does not apply to streaming.
CoverArt improvements. Prefer image with same filename. Reduced chance of false positive matches.
Increased max Pan&Scan zoom factor to 5x.


Crash in null renderer. Also support more mediatypes.
Ellipsis character was trimmed off from beginning or end of subtitles.
Ignore auto-zoom setting when remember window size is enabled.
Remember correct playlist position on a non-primary screen from extended Desktop.
Don’t use YDL when an URL points to a file.