Media Player Classic is released



I just posted the article Media Player Classic is released.

At they have posted the news of the latest Media Player Classic release from guliverkli at This is handy to have around as it has many capabilities…

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I love this software, use it to play all my DivX/XViD files with :slight_smile:


yup, media player classic’s base off of the original media player 6 in windows. It’s one of the few pieces of software by microsoft that’s actually a bit efficient and improved upon by these guys :slight_smile: oh you people might wanna check this one out too. Let’s you play real media files and quicktime files too on mpc :slight_smile:


Indeed, I only learnt about this software a few months ago, but it is truly superb. One thing I’m not sure about, can MPC play WM 9 files? I ask because MP 6.4 could only play up to Windows Media 8 files with the extra codecs, and you were forced to install WMP 9 for WM 9 files. Anyone?


Now already version 6463 … seems they made a small update
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