Media Player 9 Problem

Media Player 9 plays some video that appears normally, but for some video it appears to play what looks like a negative of the video. Media Player 7.1 plays all video normally including the ones that appear as negatives for Media Player 9, and the K-Lite Codec Pack is installed for both players. Has anybody else had this kind of problem or know how to fix it?

I just noticed there’s a duplicate video adapter in Device Manager. Could this be causing my problem with some video, and is there a way to fix it if that’s the cause? It shows the driver expected to be there for the Radeon 9550 adapter, and it shows the exact same adapter with “Secondary” added. I tried uninstalling each one, one at a time, but it reappears after reboot.

I found a couple of similar instances of duplicate video adapters via Google search for which one thread had no solution, and the fix at the other thread was reformat and reinstall. Does anybody know an easier fix than a reinstall?

The “secondary” ATI video adapter is normal. It’s how ATI does things to allow you to extend your desktop. [In that setup, 1 display is assigned to each logical video card to allow independent resolutions and such, but both logical cards are run by the 1 physical graphics card]. You can’t disable this, and it should not affect anything else.

I’ve had the same “negative” affect happen with various videos myself. Not much help, but I just had to play around with the codecs available on my system and/or see if tweaking video playback settings in WMP would help. I’d do this until I found a decent combination that allowed everything to play properly. [Nowadays, this usually means changing a few settings in FFDShow to see if that will help anything; I gave up on K-Lite]. I hope someone can give you more concrete guidance. :slight_smile:

It appears the duplicate video adapter may be the cause of problems. I tried disabling the “Secondary” adapter, and the problem persisted. Then I tried enabling the “Secondary” adapter and disabling the primary adapter that resulted in video playing normally, but it also resulted in much slower scrolling plus a horizontal line rippling across the screen while scrolling.

Are the FFDShow settings you refer to in the codec pack? I’ll give FFDShow settings a try, but I’m beginning to think I may have to reinstall Windows to fix the problem. When I installed the current WinXP, it automatically installed the video adapter, but I used the DVD that came with the adapter thinking it would update the Windows driver. During install from the DVD boxes were checked for DirectX and DotNet, but the Driver box was unchecked. I checked the Drivers box, and I think this may have caused the problem and think that I shouldn’t have checked the Drivers box.

FFDShow is basically a bunch of codecs rolled up into one package, managed by one interface. It gets installed as part of the K-Lite pack to the best of my knowledge. Whether or not your system makes use of it is another question. Editing its settings would be only one part of the troubleshooting process in your instance, since K-Lite could have other codecs try to handle the files you play before FFDShow can handle them.

You can always try to get the latest ATI Catalyst drivers that support the 9550 [ATI/AMD no longer supports those cards under the Unified Driver architecture], or try re-installing from the driver disc.

Well it turns out the fix was as simple as updating the video driver to the latest one for the adapter dated March 2009 from the ATI site. I’d have thought the Win2k and WinXP drivers on the install DVD would have been quite similar and that would not have been the problem, but obviously I was wrong. What are advantages/disadvantages of WMP11 compared to WMP9, and would upgrade to WMP11 be recommended?

I stand corrected. The driver update only worked for 1 or 2 videos, and the problem recurred. Next I tried WMP11, and all videos play normally now which seems to indicate the problem was likely a WMP9 bug.

Hope it remains sorted for you, & sorry for missing your question about WMP 11. :slight_smile: