Media player 8 already available on the web

I just posted the article Media player 8 already available on the web.

Microsoft Media player 8 was only to be used in Windows XP; it wouldn’t be available for other Windows verions.

Someway some smart guy lifted the Media player 8 out of Windows XP (beta2), build…

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don`t want it… mediaplayer sucks since version 7… 6.4 was ok but 7 and up takes too much cpu time and looks really ugly :r

I use 7 quite a bit, with the vast amount of cheap ram I can pretty much any bloatware I feel like.

I have half a gig of RAM but I still hate mp7. Sure it’s bloatware and my system can handle it but I dont like my whole system chugging with a piece of crappily written software when I can use tons of other programs with file sizes of less than 5Mb that use up less than 1/4 of the resources that mp7 uses. If you like using shit software then your right - just keep wasting your cash buying more and more RAM to accomadate for shit programming.

I have no idea how to switch to first/second audio channel only (in multi-language VCDs) in mp7, mp6 is the best, I still use it…

Adding to this, v7 takes ages to load - every time you want to preview a vcd you might as well not preview it.

I installed MP8 on my machine (WinME) and it doesnt work at all for me (“Internal application error” when I try to start it). Is there any way I can downgrade back to MP7? p.s. CD Freaks i lub joo! :+