Media Player 10 targeted for DRM licensing vulnerability

I just posted the article Media Player 10 targeted for DRM licensing vulnerability.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about a story he saw over at PC Pro that
states; last week Panda Software found a couple new trojans that take
advantage of the…

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Idiots deserve to be punished.

That is an unfair comment. There are many people who use media player because they don’t know any different. Ignorance does not = idiocy. M$ foisted various flavors of media player upon the masses and the inclusion of a media player in Windows by default is like including a browser. A lot of people will use it because it’s free and just there to use without having to think about “How do I play this music or video file?”. Of course those with some knowledge will get another player. But please don’t called WMP users idiots. Perhaps ‘victims’ would be a better word :wink: