Media Player 10 as CD Ripper?


I’m new to the world of digital media and I’ve just used Windows Media Player to rip music from a CD to play on an mp3 player. Everything went fine and I can listen to the music with no problems.

I was just wondering if there are other advantages to using other free software over Media Player. The reason I ask is that Media Player doesn’t appear to be advocated as a popular option for ripping music.

Also if anyone could recommend a good piece of free ripping software then that would also be appreciated.

Curious about your thoughts.

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Exact Audio Copy. Better extraction methods and rips to formats that are not WMA.

Or CDEX. Just about as good as EAC & my preference.

:clap: welcome to the forum aaron first of all, second i use musicmatch it has a free version. :doh:


I would also recommend Musicmatch , lots more options in encoding ie : bitrate and if you like it , get the plus version … that’s what i use to copy vinyl to digital … the free version works great for ripping cd to hd …

I use MP3 Workshop, it’s free and has every option I’ve ever needed.


Much as I hate to say this :bigsmile: , I completely agree, CDex would be my preference.

I have to check this app, then. I have my doubts, but who knows.

I’ve heard CDex is a great app…but still partial to EAC…:slight_smile:

I’ve checked. Sorry, I’ll stick with EAC. :cool: - not the same league. :disagree:

CDex has always done wonders for me…

I don’t doubt it. But it can’t use the MCC-compliant C2 reporting of capable drives to accelerate the ripping process while keeping total accuracy.

So with really damaged discs, EAC still wins, unless one does not have such a drive, then the results should be more or less similar.

I found from my experience (with NEC and PLEXTOR drives) the same as this article:


With the Memorex DVD-Maxx 1648 drive, CDex is of no use compared to EAC, it returns files full of errors and audible clicks claiming zero errors occured even in full paranoia mode.

Though the C2 error detection is currently very criticized, it is still, at least for this drive, infinitely more accurate (9462 times more accurate, according to Feurio ) than CDex full paranoia mode, and as accurate as the reading twice method in EAC, while much faster.

I had a feeling you’d prefer EAC, being a sound engineer/musician etc. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll give it another go myself, on a different PC, when I have some time to play with it (only used it a few times before).

Maybe I’ll use both :bigsmile:

Good guess :wink:

Maybe I’ll use both :bigsmile:
:iagree: I think CDex and Audiograbber are fine for most users, either those who have CDs in good condition, or don’t have a MCC-C2 compliant drive, or who don’t mind that the copy is not 100% exact as long as there is no audible glitch.

Personally I’m (over?) picky with audio, so as perfection is attainable with EAC, I want nothing else. :cool:

When I don’t feel the need for a 100% perfect copy, I just rip with RealPlayer or MusicMatch Jukebox, both are fast and convenient.

Thanks for all the advice although reading through everybodies posts it looks like you where having a little debate amoungst yourselves there :smiley:

I think I’ll have a go at Cdex for the moment and then see how I get on from there.

Thanks again.

It’s almost always like that :wink: