Media or software issue?

I have new 4163B. I purchased some Memorex DVD-R disks and have been using DVD Shrink. Things were working fine until I noticed that every so often the drive wouldn’t recognize a blank disk. Out of 25 blanks DVD’s I am left with 10 which the drive will not recognize.

I have given a couple of these to a friend to try in his LG DVD Burner (model unknown).

I purchased the media in the first place as he had excellent experience with them in his burner and were working well in my home DVD player.

Seems odd to me that some disks would work and others not. I upgraded the firmware to the latest version but that was ineffective. I was wondering if this was possibly a software issue with DVD Shrink.

Any ideas?

Shrink uses Nero or Decryptor to burn. Take one of the defective discs and put it in any drive and read the disc properties with CDSpeed or Nero, see if it tells you anything.

The problem here is that Memorex discs can be something of a lottery : I think they don’t use the same manufacturer for different batches of discs. You might get one batch made by CMC magnetics and another by Ricoh. It could be that the stuff your friend’s burner worked with so well is not the same stuff you bought for your burner, even though both are Memorex branded.

If you can read the disc properties as rdrgrimes suggested, try and find out the MID of the discs, then compare them with the one of those that worked nicely on your friend’s burner. They may have different MIDs.

Must have been the Memorex DVD’s. Still waiting to hear what my friend says, but I bought some HP DVD-R’s and have had a 100% success rate with them.