Media or Hardware/Settings?



DVD newbie here, embarking on my first attempts to burn “real” DVDs (that is, movies viewable on standalone players). I have a no-name 16x DVD burner and am using Nero and Teon brand DVD+R 8x discs. To date I have been using this combination for data backup with great results.

I recently got a video capture card and want to convert a bunch of old home movies to DVD. I’ve got the capture and Nero mastering process down. The discs I make work great (menus, chapters and all) on any PC I’ve tried them on (using several different media players), but are not recognized in either my Toshiba DVD player or my Apex that until now has played everything I’ve thrown at it.

I’ve read enough here to realize that I either have a media issue or something wrong in my settings. The discs work so well on PCs that my gut tells me it’s the media, but before I go off and try to buy a different type I thought I would solicit advice here.

Assuming it is the media, I seem to recall a chart somewhere that shows compatibility between different media types and colors and different brands and models of DVD players, but can’t seem to find that either. Help appreciated.



Do you had a look at Here ?

#3 in the dvd-player section


Thanks very much to both of you, that is the list I was thinking of. It seems to indicate that CD+R does not work in either of my machines so I guess my next step is to find some quality CD-R and try that.