Media or burner?



How can I tell (without spending $100’s on media) if my burning problem resides in my drive or in the DVD media?

I’ve got an LG 4040B drive (+, -, and RAM capabilities) that I’ve had since early January. At first everything worked fine with DVD-R’s and could burn at 4X. Then I purchased a pack of DVD+R’s (the drive is limited to 2.4X on the + media). Afterwards, I could only burn on -R’s at 2X even though the rating was at 4X! Tried a number of packs of both Memorex and Maxell of 4X rated media, still limited to 2X by both Nero 6 and Alcohol 120%.

I installed the latest firmware 3.03 which fixed the speed burning issue, then for awhile everything was back to normal. But lately (for the last month or so) I’ve been getting errors on just about every DVD. In other words, most of the files copy over, but some do not, and I have to spend 2+ hours extra trying to copy files back to the HD to see what has worked and what has not! Doesn’t matter if I try Memorex, Maxell, or even E3 (okay, that last one was probably a HUGE mistake, but out of a 100 spindle I’ve burned about 25 DVD’s and EVERY ONE has problems, even though the media is rated at 4X and I dropped the burn speed to 2X – if I do it at 4X, it keeps getting a “focus error”).

Has my drive tanked? Have I just been getting an unlucky run with bad media? Or do I have to buy several packs of different types of media to try and figure out what the problem is?




could be lots of reasons for this behaviour - software, hardware, OS, IDE,DMA, firmware, media. there’s a checklist @