Media Opinion Request for Benq 1620

Does anyone know which one of these burns better at 8x.

Don’t know why you are looking to burn 16x at 8x. Just pick up some 8x TY or Verbatim and burn those at 8x. FYI, I burn 16x Verbatim at 12x on my 1620.

Out of these three choices, I would take TDK media. It’s made by CMC, and its media code is probably TDK 003. DW1620 can burn it at 8x or 12x with very good quality.

The other two are made by Prodisc and Ritek, and [in my experience] their quality is less predictable.

Get Yudens:

Which of TDK and Yuden are likely to last the longest?

Yudens are premium media - they are the best of the best.

I tend to buy my Yudens from Rima because they are less expensive:

Thanks for the replies. Will purchase some Yuden’s , but how is the finished surface on them anyways?


1620 love 8x- verbatim or yuden you will have best result

These discs? There is no finished surface… bare polycarbonate plastic on both sides.