Media not working w/ Newer Firmware

Hey guys! Wanted to bounce a problem off the forum. About a week or so ago I was using f/w FS07 and burning fine w/ my 411S and cheep +R media that I had. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, my reader stopped reading the media. The disks were just spinning. I also attempted to use Memorex +RW’s but had no luck there either. I upgraded FS0H the other day and then FS0J last night. No luck. Any Ideas?

Check your DMA setting in Device Manager - it should be on ‘DMA if Available’, not ‘PIO only’ - apparently there is a ‘handy feature’ in WinXP that switches configuration for you if it gets too many errors (such as from cheap media…) - if its on PIO, just switch it back and everything should be dandy.

Sweet! I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!