"media not ready"

I am using Liteon 411s and Nero 6. When i try to burn onto DVD-R i keep getting asked to insert a blank disc, and Nero, XP or any other prog dont recognise there being a blank disc in the drive. I’m a DVD burning newbie, but havent found anything on the forum to help me…



What type of media are you using, sounds like a poor quality/incompatible media problem to me.

Have a look at the tools section stuck at the top of this forum, its really very good and they will help you no end.



What is your firmware version? seems like it’s a old one…

The latest (oficial) is FS0H

You can get it here.

Yeah i have the FSOH firmware. I have it working ok at the moment, i think it may have been the AnyDVD program working in the background, maybe it is using the drive all the time?

Dj C

Nope i was wrong. I got it burning for 2 discs with DVD Shrink, then it went ass up again and keeps asking for a blank disc, then saying “media not ready” Arrghh!

well…i guess it’s a media problem then…

Have you burned sucessfully that brand before?

btw: wath is the media brand and manufacturer?

I will try a different media. I am using Gotech DVD-R 4x. I didn’t realise that different media brands were such a big issue. Thanks for the help