Media Not Inserted Message - Help!

When I try to copy a movie in DVDPlatinum it says “media not inserted” when its time for me to put the DVD-R in. I have used both a DVD-R and DVD-RW. Some people on these boards advised me to wait a moment before clicking “ok”. And I did. It still pops up a window saying Media Not Inserted. I have used DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink with not problems. So I know its not the pc. I have contacted DVDFabs support and all they do is refer me back to you guys or tell me to uninstall and reinstall. Please help. I’m pretty pc savvy but I have know I idea what the problem is this time. Plus I have paid too much money for this program. :slight_smile:

Hi Menzieto. More information please!:slight_smile: OS? Burner model? Which burning engine do you have selected in Common Settings? It can sometimes take 10-15 seconds for the blank disc information to percolate back through everything to get toDVDFab.

Yup, as usual, totally agree with signals.
Also, make certain you have selected SAO in “Common settings” > “Write” > “Write type…”

Why is this?

I’m using the original settings, and have no problems at all . . .

Why what? Why does he agree with me on this? A discerning intelligence.:slight_smile: Why SAO? This selection has solved burn problems for many users. Glad you’re not having any troubles with the defaults.