Media Monkey and AVS Audio Editor

Hi folks. As usual, I could use some help. I was trying to find an Audio Burner that has Replay Gaim and Normalization.
I was told Media Monkey for Windows 10 does not exist. Also, I downloaded the Free version of AVS Audio Editor. Their free version is touted as having a lot of extras. However, it talks about “Gain” and “Normalization”. I don’t think it has these two.
I also heard that the paid version of “Realplayer” has Normalization, but I don’t think it is the same as Replay Gain. Does’t Repay Gain vs Normalization keep all your MP3 and WAV files all at the same level of volume? I’m looking at Audacity, but I was trying to find something less complicated. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, ptfitzy

I am not sure who told you Media Monkey is not available for Windows 10, but it most certainly is available and works fine on Windows 10. If you are not running the latest version, you might need to upgrade. I would be careful about using the volume leveling feature built in to any package as you may find the results less than satisfactory; just my two cents…

After I rip to MP3, how do I find the file to Drag and Drop to Burn?

I had to retype my last question. After I convert to MP3, how or where do I Drag and Drop the files to Burn them?

Your question is a bit open-ended.

To answer it meaningfully we really need to know what sort of disc you want to burn (data or audio) and what burning software you are using.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
What is the difference between “Analyze Volume” and “Level Track Volume”.
I first ripped an MP3 CD. I got the songs. However, I’m having trouble putting them in a playlist to Burn. It does not show the songs’ db as it does with MP3 Gain. I set it at 89db but a few songs I originally did, were not done with MP3 Gain or any program. I just burned them to a CD awhile back.
Even with MP3 Gain, after their db is corrected, I don’t know either how to put them in a separate folder.

Sorry. I was sick a few days. I want to burn MP3 CD’s. I want to use “Media Monkey”.
I am using Windows 10. I could use MP3Gain. However, I can’t find the box in “MP3Gain” to “Drag and Drop”. Is there an easier way to get the song’s Artist and Name of the song to show?