Media Made Outside Of Asia?



Has there ever been any media, wether it be cd-r or dvd-+r, made outside of Asia?

If so what was the quality like?


Gigatain media i think is made in Germany i have no idea how good it is


there is media that’s made in India & Mexico…i believe there were factories in Europe but not sure if they’re still operational. made in India is Moser Baer and quality is highly variable…i believe the made in Mexico media is from a CMC factory and quality is also highly variable…


India is still in Asia, last I checked…
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TDK makes some DVD media in Luxembourg, which is in Europe.


I believe that the Memorex media made here is supposed to stay in Mexico and the South American Market.


i’m well aware that India is in Asia…no need to get huffy about it…my assumption was that Kyliefan was interested in media made in countries other than Japan and Taiwan…

i vaguely remember some posts about made in Mexico Verb CD-Rs though i’m not entirely sure…


For Europe you have/had (besides the already mentioned TDK): MPO in France, Sentinel in Belgium, MAM-E in France, Sky in Switzerland, ODTC/Philips in Netherlands, 3A Media in Austria, PrimeDisc in Germany, Euro-Digital Disc in Germany, Digital Disc Dessau in Germany, Sony media from Austria made by some three(?) letter company I’ve forgot right now, Fuji made in Germany (CD-R), MKM/Verbatim made in Ireland (CD-R/RW), Kodak made in Ireland (CD-R) and probably several more I’ve forgot (including some Eastern Europe crap manufacturers).
Of course some of these are not in business anymore now…


That list is old and quite incorrect.

Sentinel is bankrupt -so no longer there.
NL - ODTC/PHILIps -mostly fixes the technology for third parties. Not much real manufactureing of disc’s that arrive on the market.
3A- MEdia also went bankrupt.
Sony - Is complex case some like to say KDG and some like to say SONY themselves make it. IIt depends on your criteria.
MKM - No longer makes in Ireland. -This place was sold a long time ago to CMC who also stopped manufactureing over there.
Kodak -Doesn’t make any media themselves any more.
Primedisc- Also officialy doesn’t make cd-r/dvd-r disc’s any more. The brand is still in use by Ritek.

So what’s left of that list is.
Digital Disc Dessau. (germanny)
MPO (france)
SKY (switzerland)
MAM-E (france)
TDK (Luxembourg)
SONY/KDG (Austria)

And if you really like
ODTC/Philips in Netherlands

So you want some new ones. I guess you want 8 or more back ?
And I assume stuff you can buy not some R&D technology samples.

MAM-A - MAM’s American devision makes golden cd-r’s in Colarado

Digital valley -French manufacturer of DVD’s,cd’s but also cd-r’s and dvd-/+r’s.

AOD group - Makes (Double Diamond Digital brand) cd-r’s with plasmons stamper technology in the netherlands.

Computer Support Italy SRL - Todays owner of MAM-E and MAM-A also makes media in italy themselves.

Tabula Optische Datenträger Technologiewerke GmbH - A german manufacturer

Euro Digital Disc Manufacturing GmbH - Another german manufacturer

Intersonic S.A. - Large european manufacturer. uses plasmon technology and manufacturers for example in greece.

Condor CD S.L - Makes optiocal media in spain.

And for a big name
FUJI - Who has has got a factory for ther cd-r’s in Germanny.

And I know some folks will say the middle east is asia but did you know the make cd-r’s in Israel.
DCD Line Ltd

I could go on but as you see there are quite some manufacturers outside Asia.


… but for the most part are minor entities and not known for quality (except TDK & Sony, but they do the bulk of their stuff in the Asia-Pacific region).


Wow, lots of manufacturers in that list. Haven’t seen one of them with my own eyes (and I’ve seen a lot of media). Guess those of us in the US are a bit sheltered in that respect, eh? :wink:



Kyliefan001 asked “Has there ever been any media … made outside of Asia?” and I clearly wrote that “Of course some of these are not in business anymore now” so nothing incorrect there…


You forgot FUJI (whose disc’s burn better at higher speeds as 16x on my Lite On 52327S as Taiyo Yuden ).
FUJI’s made in germanny media is quite nice.

Smaller manufacturers. Well I never had problems with AOD/Double Diamond Digital, 3A performance also was quite decent (that is if the drive did support them !)

to jsl. :o Oops. Didn’t read the last line. Sorry

to brownstone: gigatain buys crap media from other places with fake codes they don’t manufacturere there recordables themselves.


Mirex (Ekaterinburg, Russia), using Multi Media Masters & Machinery and Steag Hama technology, CD and DVD Manufacturer

Eximpo CD-R, selling products under “Multidisc” brand, manufacturing CD with Plasmon/Ciba technology and in past also DVD-+R with Interaxia & Plasmon/Ciba technology. However, I think that they cancelled their own DVD production after huge affair with “self-destructing” DVD discs with Interaxia’s dye… (CD manufacturing process in Eximpo) (DVD manufacturing process in Eximpo)

Rostok Media (Kiev, Ukraine) - unfortunately no further informations…

Optimedia Technologies Europe S. V. - CD & DVD manufacturer from Albania, also no further info…


That would make sense seeing as all Playstation and Playstation 2 games were pressed in an Austrian optical disc factory. Never seen any Made in Austria Sony blank CD or DVD media around here, mind you.


I have (DVD)…and they weren’t too good stability-wise, either.


To my knowledge;

Luxembourg TDKS
Austrian Sonys
France - MAM-E
Some US factories iirc, not sure if they are still operational.


Panasonic has a DVD-RAM/BD plant in California.
And there’s also MAM-A…

Luxembourg TDK: closed Mid 2006.
France MAM-E: closed a few months ago.
Germany Fuji: closed Mid 2006.


SOme more

Industrias Plasticas Catamarca S.A. - Argentina *
Teltron S.A. -Argentina *
Videolar Rio Grande S.A. -Argentina
Novodisc Mídia Digital Ltda. -Brazil
Trendes d.o.o. -Slovenia
Optical Digital Technologies S.A. -Greece (uses chiba plasmon stampers )
Ural Electron Plant Limited -RUsia
Videolar S.A. - Brazil

  • allready signed veeza licensing
    Euro Multivision Limited - India
    Falcon Technologies International L.L.C. (FTI !) - United Arab Emirates

Incase of FTI I have some of there 16x DVD+R’s. (branded as emtec.)


ARe you sure about that one ? Because based on my info that’s not the case.
So any links ?