Media List with SmartBurn Limits!

Here is my personal list of media which I have personally used & their SmartBurn limits under different firmware.

Comparison work is still incomplete. Will complete it as soon as I find time.

Click here for the list

Posted this link @ another thread but i wanted my own thread regarding the list.

hope its useful to all.:slight_smile:

Didn’t know where to start this thread, Media Forum or Lite-On forum (as its concerned with SmartBurn limit).

Ended up starting in Media forum. Hope its right.

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Nice :wink:

thank you.

suggestions to improve the list are welcome. :smiley:

80+ views. No suggestions for improvements :confused:

I know the list is short. The list is of CD-Rs available in Bombay/India.


nice work dude
some additions -

Lite-On 52246S, 6S0A

Verbatim DataLife Plus 16X - 32X limit
Sony 48X - 48X limit
Samsung 40X Premium (Ritek) - 48X

Where did you get fujifilm in bbay?


got it from a local dealer on special order. he could only get 1 piece for me.


can you post the other info of the media mentioned by you like

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Dye
  3. Capacity
  4. ATIP