Media List sticky Thread?

Is there something like a best media for benq sticky thread ?
Its really much to scroll over thousand threads in the end im always confused everyone says different things. xD
Is there a possibility to simply make a media list with media that burns best or good ?

I think we all can see the same sticky threads… :wink:

Why not start search here next time. :stuck_out_tongue: You also posted there just a while ago…

Pinto i mean a short list not tons of scans. XD
You could say a list of media you can burn without too much risk.
Media + MID in a short list so you can easy overlook it with several updates from time to time.

In the moment its a little complicated and i use the search function but i get all kind of things but not that what im searching for. xD

put some effort into it :rolleyes: the information is all here…