Media is readable in DVD Burner but not in standalone DVD-players

media is readable in DVD Burner but not in standalone DVD-players Apex AD-600A

Hi ,
Used the guide

I have a LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-411S FS0G connected as master via 80pin cable to IDE 02 and have no other IDE devices in my system (P2.4C ,DFI Lanparty Pro 875, Segate SATA 120, DDR400 512mb)

Tools used:
1:DVD Decrypter
2:DVD shink 3.0b5
3:ImgTool classic 0.91

I have burned two DVD’s no problems in playing them back in the origional LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-411S via PowerDVD 4.
Problem is media is readable in DVD Burner but not in standalone DVD-player Apex AD-600A.
The Apex is a very famous DVD Player which has not trouble playing VCD’s made with CDR’s so I suspect in might be the directory structure

VIDEO_TS (DVD Navigation File)
VTS_01_0 (DVD Navigation File)

Note there is only 2 imr files VIDEO_TS and VTS_01_0 that ImgTool has produced
My question is do I need anything else to make a playable DVD in a domestic standalone player?
Thanks in advance

Disc ID: RICOHJPN-R01-02
Book Type: DVD+R

Imation DVD-R for general version 2.0

use recordnowmax and burn a data dvd
just load the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS dirs
and burn.

this produces the most compatable dvdrs that you can make.

I agree. RecordNow Max is great.

After having many problems getting movies to play in my set top Pioneer DV-250 that I had made with Nero, I used RecordNow Max.

Make a Data DVD and drag the Audio_TS and VIDEO_TS over to RecordNow.

Below is a screen shot of what it should look like. Actually I don’t usually bother with a Audio_TS file since it is not needed by most set tops but I believe some do look for it so you may want to make sure it is there.

Another note is it could be your disk. I had bought some Memorex disk made by Prodisk that would not play in my set top after being recorded on with a Pioneer A06 or a Lite-On 451s. All others I have used have worked fine.

Screen Shot:

I too have gotten greater compatibility on standalone dvd players when burning with the RecordNow software.
Too bad the wizard doesn’t include an automatic “DVD video disc” option that would create the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories for you…

Thanks for replys -problem is with my Apex AD-600A DVD player
not the mighty 411-S

Both discs played fine on a new Samsung model

RecordNow Max would probaly be a better purchase then Nero 6
but nothing I have seen on the market comes close to the more
specialised applications as per below

for the proceedure to work as descrided above I cannot change any of the three software packages as they link in with each other

Tools used:
1 DVD Decrypter
2 DVD shink 3.0b5
3:ImgTool classic 0.91

I don’t know if this is any help… but I’m using this CloneDVD/AnyDVD Guide found here on the fourms as we speak. Seems great, nice and simple and all done in one step (Load AnyDVD then use CloneDVD to edit and burn the DVD).

I’ll let you know if it works better than DVDXcopy that I was using before :bigsmile:

If you still wanted to use RecordNow for burning you could just save the output from CloneDVD as a file on your HD for easy burning.
The CloneDVD program was really easy to use :bigsmile:

EDIT: Since everyone says that RecordNow is so good with set top’s and mine is picky, I thought I would give it a go instead of using CloneDVD all the way. I haven’t found any bad coments about burning with CloneDVD yet, but I have found lots of really good comments about RecordNow.

So I’m using:
AnyDVD (to disable the copy protections)
CloneDVD (to rip the DVD to my HD, again really nice and smooth process)
RecordNow DX (to burn the DVD)

I’ll update later.

You can use the new bitsetting utility :bigsmile: It may improve compatibility with your DVD player.

Could you provide a link to the ‘new bitsetting utility’?

Edit: Nevermind, I found the link in another thread.

Well using the above method didn’t help my compatibility problems at all. I even burned at 2x to try that out.

Also, the compression used by CloneDVD is not as good as DVDXCopy.

Ah and Lvsitano,
thanks for the idea but I"m using -R’s not +R’s

Update on my situation here. It was indeed a media problem it seems.