Media incorrectly identified by NeroCmd

I have a WinNT4 system with NeroExpress installed. I’ve used nerocmd to burn some logs to CDs without a problem. But recently i had to replace CD burner (nohting else changed on the system), and now when i try to use nerocmd it first gives me message that media detected is CD-ROM and that it needs CD-R/RW, and then that it can’t write to this media.

The CDs are fine, i’ve succesfully used CD-Rs from the same bundle with the previous burner.

The NeroExpress i have is old, maybe a couple of years old (im not at that comp to look at versions right now). The info tool that came with NeroExpress read the drive and recognised it as CD-RW drive (which it is).

What could be the issue? Do i need fresher version of NeroApi.dll or can it be something else?

Thanks in advance