Media identify help



I just got my first verbatim cdr disks and want to identify the manufacturer. I see others post complex identification including codes and manufacturer. I use nero and both nero infotool and cd-dvd speed just say it’s made by verbatim with no other info.

How can I find out who actually manufactured the disk?



The “manufacturer” is always either MCC (Mitsubishi) or TY (Taiyo Yuden) for Verbatims.

I think you refer to where (which plants) there are actually made under Verbatim’s control?

You can tell from the serials at the hub.
There is a recent thread explaining how to tell form the serials in the Blank media section, can’t remember which one, you’ll have to search a little :wink:

Also on the package of your Verbs:
Made in India= Moser Baer India plants
Made in Taiwan=CMC magnetics plants
Made in Singapore=Mitsubishi plants (not 100% sure of this one)
Made in Japan=Taiyo Yuden plants

Cheers :slight_smile: