Media ID can't be read

does everyone get the line:

Media ID cant be read

in their log when trying to write with BW5, or are the Memorex CDRs that I have been using just to cheap to be recognized?

I have looked at many logs in the forum, and the most of them cant recognize the Media ID either.

Just a curious question…would like to know if it is common and should be reported to BW team, or if its really just my Blank disks.

I use memorex cd-r 1x12 700mb 80 min and never had that message, my cd-r 's where bought a long time ago they may be buying from a cheap company now.

it is mainly effective for dvd media.

I have the same message (Bindwrite 5.07 - Plextor 16/10/40A) with Verbatim Datalife Plus CD-Rom disks (not the cheapest ones !).

contact our support to help them to reproduce the problem.

I don’t see this line with version 5.1.1 anymore, so I assume it is fixed.