MEDIA? i tried searching

i opted for the LG because for a casual burner it seemed to offer the least constraints. i will never be recording dvds to play in real DVD players. i mainly want to archive ISO files, large RARs, Divx’s and such… all i find on hear with search is crazy acronyms and google leads me in circles… it seems for 16x R+ i want MCC02RG20, but this is not a brand, its a form of disk and it is randomly found in certain brands. so, could someone please post me a link to a place i can buy these?

also, if i did, in fact, want to burn a DVD movie, would there be a better choice?

i tried search, so please dont tell me to search. ive spent enough time just figuring out which burner i needed.

MCC02RG20 is 8x DVD-R, not 16x +R like you said. MCC stands for Mitsubishi Chemicals Company, which can be found in Verbatim media. If you are looking for 16x -R by Verbatim, the MID will be MCC03RG20. 16x +R will be MCC004. You can check the MID by using DVD Identifier. Since you are in the US, your timing is right. Starting today (Sunday), BestBuy will have Verbatim 16x ±R on sale for $9.99 for the 25pack.

u r the man. thanx… im going to buy a few of those 25rs. so any Verbatim will suffice… i saw 16x DVD+R characterized as both “data life plus” and just “verbatim”, which confused me. thanks… now i know what to buy. u also saved me from shelling out about 46 bux for 50 of the DVD+R 16x

i realize its not nearly as exciting. but should i go with something other than verbatim for CDR? might as well stock up now.

No problem. You might also want to check out the Media Forum for some MID related explanations; and the Bargain Basement forum for media and other stuff on sale.

thanx. i am fully stocked now. just bought online for in-store pickup. 52 bux for a pack of the 16 -Rs, 2 16 +Rs, and 50 of the CDRs.