Media HELP!

i use dvd shrink when i burn movies but the media is memorex and i think i have poor media cause most of them will not burn and the ones that does skips. what would be the best media to go with.

its a bit hard to say without knowin whats your dvd burner but in general alot of dvd burners like taiyo yuden medias you can get em from if your not in the usa i can find another online store in your area

is there any good brand i can pick up at like bestbuy or anything like that?

i had a look at bestbuy site and these are quality medias
fuji 8x -r 8x ,made in japan (TYG02)
sony 8x -r ,made in japan (SONY08D1)
fuji 8x +r ,made in japan (YUDEN000T02)
verbatim digitalmovie 4x +r (likely MCC002)

check with mcse if your burner’s firmware supports any of the above media codes
and do not buy the fuji/sony if not made in japan